1. Probably 0 times. It’s not hard to win over republicans at all. Also don’t forget Ted Cruz sold out and voted against Net Neutrality for $40,000

  2. Ted Cruz actually went to Harvard law with her. He was a year ahead of her and they knew each other. Both were on the Harvard Law Review together at the same time. He’s clearly seething with jealousy that she will be a Supreme Court justice and that he never will be

  3. Population control. Notice how right before covid it was all over the news that if we dont bring our emissions down there will be irreversible damage done to earth. Why did that stop being a big issue when Covid started?

  4. Fair enough. What exactly is the bigger picture regarding population control? Why would anyone want that?

  5. So they want depopulation in order to control people? But if they are killing people via the vaccine, aren’t they killing the more compliant 🐑 people and will be left with mainly the noncompliant people. Why would they want that?

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