AITA for moving out when my parents asked me to pay rent.

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Destiny calls out Hasan for saying he lives on a “basic necessity budget”

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  1. Vaccination before exposure, while medical system is available.

  2. I think you probably could get it for free if you vaccinated before you were potentially exposed, because a lot do preventative vaccinations are free with insurance as they prevent the companies from paying out later.

  3. My understanding is that rabies is treated a bit differently from other vaccines, at least in the US.

  4. Hope you get power back soon. I'm just curious though, why would you rent a hotel room to work? Especially when you're born and raised in Austin?

  5. Not OP, but I’m guessing because OP’s employer is an asshole who decided that once they and/or most employees had power back, everyone has to be back to work.

  6. It's still so weird to me that the default for some people is to assume someone gets benefits like "paid time off"

  7. I’ve never had a single paid day off in my life. I assumed it here mostly because of OP saying the hotel was a cost they were taking on personally.

  8. Commenting to remind myself to use my new microscope to take bladder pics

  9. Is there a reason someone in the US couldn’t take delivery then reship it to OP?

  10. You know, if they combined the ones with the tall smile and the ones with the mustache, they’d have the king from katamari damaci….

  11. Never had anything from them I didn’t like. The chocolate cream pie is amazing. The Texas two step is great, as is the key lime. But I’m looking at

  12. Peanut butter cup and chapple sound so delicious and cozy

  13. Glad my suggestion could help! Tiff’s treats is pretty notorious for not treating their staff well, but I’ve only heard positive things about Tiny Pies and how they manage their business.

  14. No problem, I've found that photos are always more effective than describing it to them. Plus, if they ask who it is you can say its your great uncle or something lol.

  15. Thank you for spending your time on that response!! I am very grateful for the pointers. Don't we all want to be like our heroes?

  16. Np :) I am 1000% in favor of more people, men and women, having this fantastic hair style!

  17. Yeah, I'm 31 at home still. I've never made enough to move out, and, fortunately, that allows Dad and I to split the care for Grandma in her end-stage life.

  18. Yeah I got my own phone plan when I moved out and about a year later my dad was bribing me with a new phone if I’d get back on their family plan.

  19. nah I am fine not eating adequately. As long as I don't die I am content. I means its free I don't have any complaints.

  20. I would supplement with food banks to try and eat as well as you can from the start.

  21. Yah I will do my best but I qm not really worried about starving. I am more worried about getting hurt or something. I mean I may sound ignorant, but I think in the United States you have to let yourself die from starvation.

  22. Yeah. What I’m saying is.. those resources are there, please don’t wait for an emergency to use them. Use them to keep yourself from being in an emergency.

  23. Oh I see. Feel slightly stupid now knowing those are the leaves. Thought they were always planted with some sort of moss lol.

  24. U. minutissima and U. subulata are some other easy ones with tiny, grass like leaves. U. graminifolia is popular as an immersed carpeting plant for aquariums and can be found easily at LFS, often as a tissue culture so you don’t have to acclimate it to growing emersed.

  25. No, they don't think that, they just want to do obstructionism

  26. Color doesn’t lift natural hair either. If you want to lighten your hair without pulling red or worse, orange, you’ll need to bleach and then tone.

  27. Color can lift natural hair… to a point. But it has to be a “level 3” or “permanent” in drugstore box dye terms* as that comes with the stronger developer that can lift and deposit simultaneously.

  28. If you’re interested in all the crazy ways plants have adapted to survive in all kinds of weird environments and situations (and are ok with/enjoy a lot of cursing), I highly recommend the

  29. or that you need 100k a year to live a comfortable middle class lifestyle

  30. I mean, I guess if you know that one weird trick to make sure you and no one you love never ever gets sick or otherwise needs medical/dental care, then sure that would work

  31. I have heard so many straight men say “Uhh… I might 😬😏” re: Pedro pascal and it makes me happy lol

  32. The fibers of the filter (or cotton, or batting (make sure it's flame-retardant-free!)) wick the liquid glue, meaning it's surprisingly clean to use the liquid glue+fiber matrix style, and it's also really, really strong.

  33. Yes I use the baking soda trick for all sorts of little repair type things. It can be sanded, painted, drilled etc. Super useful.

  34. Yes! This. You don’t want any other chemicals in it, just cyanoacrylate.

  35. Edward P*nishands is hilarious and I highly recommend watching it if given the opportunity

  36. the only other one was (i think) no longer a secret at this point - aaron schock. also, a friend worked at SCOTUS and clarence thomas isn’t permitted to have any female aides.

  37. Got anything on (former) Mike Pence chief of staff Nick Ayers? I remember seeing rumors that he parlayed his steady clientele of GOP politicians into a real job

  38. Jesus would break 10 nuggets into 10000 and give them ALL away for free.

  39. My baby fat stuck around through my mid 20s. I legit looked like I was in highschool until then… Yes, it’s nice to look young, but it’s not great to look like a literal child when you’re a whole ass adult trying to do adult stuff, both career and dating-wise.

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