I cloned my late cat! AMA!

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  1. There are some brilliant Law players out there, but the most singularly stupid players online are nearly always Law players.

  2. He's pretty good and has many "cheap" aspects about him. You have to play patiently while still keeping your throw breaks up. It can be a lot to handle. But he's still fun to fight if you can keep up.

  3. Should work - I carry a jeweler loop for this reason

  4. That's the price you pay for having a coal powered car (I guess mostly hydro in our area).

  5. 2/3 of our power is hydro. Only 13% is coal. But good to hear that matters to you.

  6. If you have relatives in other parts of WA (outside of king county) or a second residence, register your vehicle at their house to avoid this. Keep your mailing address the same on the DOT website and change your physical address to the relatives address. I pay $80 instead of $350 for my truck, I’m not paying the obscene light rail tax when I’m never going to use it. WA voters agreed on $30 tabs but our left wing state Supreme Court had other plans.

  7. Yes, odds of getting viable cells go down quickly when they die. They collected 6mil from Chai when normally they get 10mil from a healthy, living animal.

  8. Thanks for your reply. I have an animal who's still got years left but isn't a puppy anymore. Considering whether it makes sense to get cell samples now vs waiting for an aging pet. My primary concern is whether the DNA quality degrades with age prior to death.

  9. I don't believe it does degrade. Plenty of clients clone their elderly animals. I would collect the genetic material now, in case something happens down the road unexpectedly. Better to have it stored and never clone than have regret.

  10. SDE-I? Probably not. My formal education is in a non-quantitative field of study. Algorithms and data structures are new to me, but I am learning.

  11. Why are leet code style questions used in these types of interviews? Is the skillset actually applicable to the day to day job? (Asking cause I absolutely bombed one of these)

  12. They're asked because passing the SDE1 bar is what separates an RS from an AS at Amazon. As for whether leetcode is appropriate for the task of assessing whether someone is a suitably fungible SDE, that's wholly beyond my ability to comment. People go round and round on the best way to assess an SDE.

  13. I haven't used one before, I don't think. Do they work well?

  14. Could be leveraged, but 1000 is still probably an exaggeration

  15. Anyone risky enough to leverage Tesla 1000x isn't going to stuff any proceeds into a low yield CD. He's just lying.

  16. No, it's entirely possible that you get high compression of your calibrated probabilities. It's just an indication that your model or features do not have sufficient signal to increase confidence further. Just understand why you're calibrating. Is it necessary that you need true probabilities or is it enough to know that a larger score means higher probability? If you're just setting a threshold you may not need to calibrate. If you're using the scores and need them to be true expectations, then calibration may be necessary.

  17. Probably you are having issues with b14 string, which can definitively be a killer knowledge check. Thos string gets countered by a step left inbetween the elbew and the knee, and also almost every character has a move to use inbetween the string to completely avoid the knee

  18. Several characters cannot step in between. Some can attempt a back swing nice but Leo can bait it out with just a b1. It's a dumb move.

  19. What "tech worker" gets paid in stock or equity? That is a crazy claim. I've looked into various tech roles at Amazon. The pay for most of the tech positions isnt that high. The only competitive paying roles are those at the highest levels where they can not afford to lose someone.

  20. Most of them? FAANG tech employees, which includes Amazon, all get RSUs which is stock in the company, and for many it constitutes over half their income.

  21. A differential between a cost to acquire and a cost to provide is not scamming anyone.

  22. Science and scientists become suspicious to people when the work has political implications. Between hard science and social science, social science has far more bearing on political implications. I don't think doing more social science is going to repair the divide, unfortunately.

  23. This begs the question, could the Punisher shoot Wolverine's dick off if he had a boner?

  24. You're probably thinking of Sudafed, which can used as a precursor for making meth. Sudafed is sometimes present in syrup form, but that's quite rare. The vast majority of Sudafed is sold in tablet form.

  25. American Sudafed is basically never pseudoephedrine anymore. It's phenylephrine, which is much more difficult and not cost effective to turn into meth.

  26. Hey, I appreciate you taking the time to write your thoughts. It was interesting.

  27. I’m still a FGC beginner and it baffles me, the insistence that people can’t get better by just playing ladder and being cognisant while they play.

  28. If you're too much of a beginner to appreciate and integrate advice...then don't ask for advice.

  29. If ultron was stuck in a Xbox for a lengthy amount of time he would certainly end up racist

  30. Did you really just Google “Facebook net worth” into Google or something?

  31. The people who regularly post on subs like this don't know anything about market capitalization or assets. They're just here to rabble.

  32. It's an SDE2, or a mid-level engineer (BS + a few years of experience). L6 is Senior at Amazon.

  33. Damn. A BS with a few years of experience can pull down $400k? Fuck...how can any graduating kid justify going into any other profession at this point? I mean yes there’s value in doing what you care about and love, but when the disparity is that big and that’s also what you’re competing against for homes, cost of living, etc, it’s almost irresponsible to tell kids to pursue their non-engineer dreams...

  34. There are some strings attached, but the biggest barrier is that to pull these salaries, you have to be good. Being good, by its nature, is hard. Consequently, most people will not qualify for such positions even if they get a BS in CS. Those people may go on to achieve other forms of success and find other roles more suited to their still-worthy skills, but they don't reach these TC figures.

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