1. I looked up that yell. I was expecting some guttural roar with a few racial slurs thrown in considering how badly it damaged his political career.

  2. Can you explain why you think this is an ad? There's no name on display so I don't know what to buy. So if you really do think this is an ad, it's a pretty shitty one.

  3. That's how advertising works on reddit. Ads are disguised as organic content

  4. You get more out of gaming than gambling, you can actually make a job out of gaming with enough dedication too, be it game design or putting videos out on the internet. Gambling is so rigged that there is zero chance.

  5. Possibly how we view stuff like Arsphenamine now. It was an Arsenic based drug used to treat stuff like syphilis before antibiotics. Unlike the medieval mercury "treatments", it was a legit medicine that was very effective, but was an extremely careful balancing act between giving the patient outright arsenic poisoning and curing their disease.

  6. Sounds similar to chemotherapy for cancer. Trying to kill the cancer just a little faster than the chemo kills you

  7. One of the secrets to success is having well positioned people owe your parents a favor.

  8. The favor likely didn't make a difference. There's not much difference between and 62nd round pick and an undrafted player. Piazza could have signed as an undrafted free agent for any team and still made it to the MLB.

  9. That's a massive assumption. Piazza was a nobody at a community college, the Dodgers drafted him, had him change positions to catcher, and sent him to a special training camp for catchers. Even with that he didn't start for them for four years.

  10. It's not an assumption but rather a hypothetical. There's no possible way to know for sure.

  11. I was an avid poster of that community for a long time. I appreciated their knowledge, incorporation of advanced stats in analysis and the general community aspect.

  12. In my experience, it all starts with JJ and his holier than thou attitude. The comments section on every post is guaranteed to have some unnecessary finger wagging or soap boxing

  13. God people on reddit think they know fucking everything, the entire OG comment section is full of self indulgent fart huffing.

  14. It's amazing how many self righteous comments there are. Redditors really are know-it-all pieces of shit

  15. Precisely. People following too closely got in a wreck, and all you have to do to override phantom braking is step on the accelerator. Phantom braking is extremely rare and it's never come close to stopping for me, but I will step on the accelerator instantly if it does happen.

  16. Phantom braking in Teslas is not incredibly rare. There are over 750 NHSTA complaints about it. That is a HUGE number of complaints

  17. Aren't there like 300k+ FSD users? Is 1/300 HUGE to you given that it's a new technology? I doubt you could even think of the names of 300 different living people, including celebrities. That's pretty rare for a complaint involving the software being OVERLY safe in error.

  18. That is an enormous number of complaints. Other OEMs take notice after only a few complaints, let alone a few hundred. Most people don't know what NHTSA is and even fewer know how to make a complaint. The fact that so many people managed to submit formal complaints is a big deal.

  19. You kinda wonder if the way his run in both Boston and Detroit ended so soon after the height of each team, means there's something about the way he runs things that irritates owners?

  20. Dombrowski was fired in Boston for refusing to trade Mookie Betts. He had already torn down a WS champion in Florida many years ago and refused to do it again. I respected Dombrowski even more when I heard that

  21. What pisses me off the most is how boomers talk about how nobody wants to buy houses and all millennials want to just live in apartments. Meanwhile, they bought their houses at 50k and it was half their salary, while we are lucky to make enough money to afford a quarter of a home.

  22. I've never heard anyone say that. I've only heard people complain about it

  23. It amazes me that there are people who have never done this

  24. That's some real hard hitting analysis Captain Obvious. Thank you for your service

  25. Probably a dumb opinion, but if you bet for YOUR team to win, I don’t care a ton. Now if he had the shits or drank 14 beers the night before and bets on the other guys, that is a big problem.

  26. What if you rest key players in other winnable games to ensure a win on the game you bet on? Even betting on your own team to win creates conflicts of interest

  27. Datsyuk was such a sniper, him and Zet haunt me. It says alot when we thought Detroit was our “rivals” (them and the Hawks) but they didn’t consider us their “rivals” 😂

  28. Not a rival per se but I hated the Blues plenty when we were in the same division

  29. Even if a ban were to happen, it would only apply to new purchases. Nobody would be sending the Stove Squad to break down doors and confiscate people's gas ranges.

  30. Good point. I did recently post on Twitter to yell about people taking away my gas stove and accuse Jill Biden of hypocrisy for once cooking on a gas stove.

  31. Nothing more racist than straight white women trying to be inclusive and being cultural colonizers

  32. It's the white woman's burden. The noble savages just can't do it for themselves

  33. Never cared enough to look into it, just recall hearing about the boycott and didn’t realize it was temporary?

  34. There will be no more laughter allowed as it may offend someone, somewhere.

  35. Lest there be accusations of the ever nebulous "punching down"

  36. Funny that you got it so wrong yet people are still upvoting you. Do people enjoy making up things to be mad about?

  37. The majority of comments are people basically having a shower argument with a hypothetical strawman

  38. Anyone downvoting you is in denial cause they don't want to admit they fall for it lol

  39. Desalinization is expensive but there's no way it's more than building a 2,000 mile pipeline from the Great Lakes. I don't think you have anything to worry about

  40. Plus the pipeline would have to go over or through the Rockies. It would be an absurdly ambitious project

  41. Aren't we pulling in 2 starters from the Stanford OL and one of them was the C. Or am I miss remembering out transfers?

  42. Yes Michigan is getting Stanford's center. All PAC 12. Rated #9 center in all CFB. Not too shabby

  43. You're right, I didn't realize that. Also it was for 2021, not 2022

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