1. They also killed a 5 year old child. Wtg.

  2. Only target civilians indiscriminately, unlike the brave heroes in the IDF that make sure it’s a medic or journalist or child in their crosshairs before opening fire.

  3. Unfortunately for you that is the difference between a regular army of an actual country with rules of engagement and a functioning judiciary branch and a bunch of illiterate jihadi peasants.

  4. Rules of engagement? They run open air prisons and an apartheid state. They back shoot kids and medics and journalists constantly. They stole the land and cry like victims when people push back.

  5. You see me crying? Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Your support for Talibanesque warlords is heartwarming and oh so very rooted in reality.

  6. I don’t blindly hate, I’m the least biased person here when it comes to talking about Israel… how can you deny that the West Bank settlements are disgusting??

  7. does the israeli gov still care this much and is willing to risk it with russia ? cause they usually only did it in weaker countries and usually had deals with the goverments

  8. That's the entire point of having our own country. Of course we care this much.

  9. The one where everyone mentions that the Mizrahi Jews came to Israel in the 1950s as the societies they left began to become more racist and Israel invited them in?

  10. It is amazing how it doesn't even occur to you that your myopic colorism is not a universal obsession.

  11. A bitch slap is not fucking profane you rusty bag of bolts. Bad bot.

  12. Are you... messing with the Zohan? My friend, I don't want to hurt you..

  13. Exactly. The idea Israel does anything to help anyone except Israel is laughable. However if they ended up helping as a side effect, then very good.

  14. No worries. Note that other than name calling I got no reasonable replies and the post mysteriously got removed for no reason in particular.

  15. Your post didn't really break any rules even if I don't agree with the premise or message, don't know why it was removed. I don't think it had to do with the contents, just the controversial nature of it.

  16. I think that sort of attitude prolongs the cycle of violence. You can try posting whatever as an Israeli in Arab subs and experience it for yourself.

  17. You invited me here to stick your fingers in your ears and go la-la-la?

  18. When I invited you I thought you were Lebanese seems I need to check peoples post history more clearly from now on

  19. So who is the one pushing an agenda? Thanks for showing your true colors.

  20. You should see how many of them there are here, 3am ydisso nabad

  21. Yeah sure. I don't doubt that some prisoners were beaten up badly in detention. We are talking about Iran, not Sweden. What I don't believe is the exaggerated methods of torture and the huge numbers that those sources claimed.

  22. Not to mention that the Shah, while definitely not squeaky clean, was not exactly in the loop on most of this.

  23. You haven't presented any knowledge yourself. You're just claiming others who disagree with you don't have any.

  24. But I don't claim that anti-sematism doesn't exist, it does, and it's bad. It's just not institutionalized and legitimately popular like being vehminetly anti-muslim is, especially in Israel. I mean really, you can't even find the same number of people in hate marches over the course of a full year in Europe as you can in this one in Israel and you somehow think that these are comparable when in no country are Jews currently second class citizens who can't get citizenship and are legally forced out of their houses into a smaller and smaller portion of their own country. You can use being an oppressed group as an excuse to oppress others

  25. > You can use being an oppressed group as an excuse to oppress others

  26. That anti-sematism exists in Europe but isnt even popular or acceptable enough to reach a notable percentage point of the size of the anti-muslim rally in Israel?

  27. We also have multiple years worth of grain supplies stashed in storage.

  28. I read Ayatollah nonsense in Mojo Jojo's voice, seems to help. I think being cartoonishly evil will blow up in their faces, mask off is better.

  29. I have no problem With jews neither with Judaism . The problem is Zionism cheep copy of Nazism which for Palestinians can't live in peace under a Zionist state

  30. Maybe you should get some of your Jihadi friends to denazify Israel.. where have I heard that chestnut recently..

  31. A illegal state doing genocide the native population standing for a country sovereignty make no sense

  32. Congratulations you've found an inconsistency in your perception of reality, perhaps this can act as your first clue - consider the fact that you perhaps don't have a solid grasp of Israel and Israelis and our situation.

  33. 90% bots, eh? What exactly are you basing that statement off of?

  34. I've worked several places over the years that had access to the "firehose" (its a soft-realtime stream of all the tweets). It isn't just twitter mind you, adtech is notorious for it but they are some of the biggest shysters I've ever seen.

  35. First of all you asked. Secondly it is an open secret in the industry and you can more or less verify it yourself to your own satisfaction with a small amount of effort if you find the subject interesting.

  36. I am 10000% ok with whatever makes Jihadis upset, always and forever <3

  37. Damn, I still remember this one guy's post on this sub of him saying Sri Lanka was on its way to become the next Lebanon and asking for advice and shit.

  38. Maybe you should be asking for their advice instead. Anyway you're not world champions yet, you still have Zimbabwe, Venezuela and Afghanistan to beat on the way down.

  39. one of the most famous porn stars is from lebanon ffs

  40. I'm glad you're taking pride in her performances - but that fame is mostly because of all the death threats..

  41. In case you didn't know, the minions are all zionists too, farfur 4ever!

  42. Watch the video if you are capable of handling it, it shows that it was not a mistake at all, there was no firefight when she was shot she was just standing in the street and killed by a single bullet, they are lying it was intentional

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