1. I always wondered why they made certain players giant dicks

  2. It’s just like real life man. Some people are dicks.

  3. Crazy to think we were closer to not getting Allen Iverson because he was somewhere near an altercation, maybe, than not getting Karl Malone after he fathered a child with a 14 year old.

  4. Are you using RDM for the drip or do you have a build?

  5. If he’s going to different places he’s hung around to ask for jobs maybe once the NRL turns him down he could hit up the Engadine McDonald’s for a job?

  6. We were Browns fans first, before Watson and before this new bumbling regime took over. This is our team to root for and they are just visiting.

  7. Man Deshaun wishes he was on just visiting dude should be just In Jail, do not pass go, do not collect 230 million dollars.

  8. Wtf is that actually what Baker looks like now?

  9. Cosplaying John Candy in uncle buck with the clothes and John Candy in Planes Trains and Automobiles with moustache.

  10. OP is Isaiah Thomas. The only explanation for defending so hard a guy who was left off the Dream Team by his own coach.

  11. Elephant - These fucks won't get off my back Tony.

  12. I noticed they had a tab specifically for shipping with no QC on their order page, is it possible you or they have got that confused?

  13. What if it was so big it fit over your hand, a cannon hand if you will.

  14. Just trying to do my part. Your team and even coach are very likeable these days, makes it hard.

  15. Aussie 90s kid here to confirm: Merch-wise, if you’d told us kids that only Orlando, Chicago and Charlotte existed, most of us would’ve believed you.

  16. Had a Hornets shirt and cap and a shaq jersey, can confirm.

  17. Brandon Weeden come with me if you want to live - this guy.

  18. John Wall been smoking that Steve Francis while he was in Houston or what?

  19. They were right Charlie was everywhere in the trees, under the ground and in your pubes.

  20. Because it’s the strobel I don’t think it’s replaceable man.

  21. That’s tuff. Thanks for the reply. Can you replace Kobe 5/6 zoom pockets?

  22. Shoot the air tanks on their back. Shoot the glass out of the shield those are their weak points.

  23. I said this in a Kawhi thread but it applies here too I hope he is back healthy and playing all season.

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