1. I recently had a ton of bots join that map specifically that one, haven't seen so many since the update.

  2. all paints can be are able to be festivized if the weapon can be festiveized

  3. Thats what it seems like but there is a basic Smalltown Bringdown m2 I have on a basic shotgun but it wont let me festive it. Maybe its a bug then?

  4. I Have kept mine in for over a few times and they just become soft is all.

  5. Check key sites if you really want but warhammer has sales quite often it seems.

  6. I just got my first water washable resin, how do you like it compared to others?

  7. Ohhhhhhhh I hope they will update this when IE comes out. I LOVE THIS MODDING COMMUNITY!!!

  8. When i was getting some freinds into the game in 2 we played on normal for a few of there first times i still had plenty of fun doing things a little different and not just armies that were strong.

  9. I have about 600 hours in 2 and I have only played 1 lizardmen campaign, just never had interest I've heard great things but I'd rather just play other factions.

  10. Its so difficult that the game crashes before the main menu, now thats difficulty.

  11. I recommend a cheap screen protector too just in case theres a leak it won't stick to the screen as well. Just a tip from a guy who had to replace the lcd.

  12. When this happened to me I tryed what everyone else is saying but at a certain point not everything would come off and ended up using a exacto knife for some bits and it did scratch it but at least it could print again eventually got a new one and boi a screen protector form the dollar tree saves lives.

  13. I suggest having them both on steam mostly for the community mods super easy to install and can add quality of life and many more hours.

  14. I just decided to move my entire setup outside entirely and covered it with a tarp works great. I was in the same situation like you I didn't have window option and honestly got headaches and my gf felt sick when she stayed the night. But after moving it outside its alot better and cheaper than ventilation set up.

  15. Outside you mean an open space? I have a balcony on my apartment, but no sockets to power the whole thing 😭

  16. Ah my apartment does have a single outlet on the balcony, apartment printing is rough.

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