1. I’ve done straight carnivore. Just meat and salt for 6 months. Same issues. But my homocysteine was elevated and I had some neuropathy symptoms. I felt better adding heart and liver but not quite right.

  2. Interesting, do you have any reason to think you might have some MTHFR snps of relevance? Did the heart and liver improve your HCy?

  3. I’m heterozygous for the snp’s. It drastically improved my markers and they are mid-range now. But no numbness, tingling or fatigue.

  4. I'm homozygous and been meaning to test. I wonder if choline alone might be enough to normalize HCy.

  5. They're extremely low amounts, especially in muscle meat, still amounting to potential deficiency.

  6. When will these deficiencies kick in? I've been doing this 5 years and know ppl doing this over a decade.

  7. Well this was a response to you stating you weren't aware what nutrients meat is missing, so I looked some up. That's all.

  8. 👍 I was just responding to point out that meat is a complete food is all. No worries.

  9. Minimize pufa as much as is reasonable. Definitely not an equal ratio.

  10. Because it's becoming more popular. Sounds like their problem though. I have had people excited to tell me about their fasts only to tell me they were guzzling juice the whole time 😆. Oh well.

  11. If it's an animal product it's allowed. Only animal product I'd avoid is milk.

  12. Why avoid milk? It's higher carb at 12 g per 8 oz, so if ketosis and weight loss is a goal it is not your friend. But, if you were a weight lifter in a bulking phase, milk can be super useful. But unnecessary.

  13. The healthfulness of vegetables depends on the foods they displace. So it's pretty context specific.

  14. Can I stop muscle-burning if I do strength training or aerobics regularly?

  15. You can minimize muscle loss with resistance training and walking. I wouldn't do any aerobics of too much intensity, imo, though.

  16. Got it, thank you. I'm starting my 5-day fasting tonight!

  17. Probably not a huge deal then. My first long fast I was pretty sedentary and definitely lost lean mass, but it was over 20 days. I wish I knew them what I know now 😂. Godspeed!

  18. It gets you drunk and often tastes good. These are the benefits.

  19. Speech pathologist here. There is no science to back this up. There is a lot of malarkey and pseudoscience out there pertaining to claims about "curing" speech issues, but also a lack of evidence for a lot of treatment approaches that anecdotally work. What is known about reducing inflammation via diet/lifestyle is not known yet necessarily to have positive effects on neurogenic communication disorders. But, you could always conduct your own n of 1 experiment without any expectations that it's going to work and see if it works for you.

  20. Wife is an SLP, always thought it was surprising how little data there is on diet and speech pathologies.

  21. It's a prospective analysis. The type of person that eats canola comes with a cluster of other behaviors. There is no intervention, so you can't get at causality.

  22. Hmm, ill try to make this as brief as possible, I have been having major issues for the past year and half. I feel hungover even though I don't drink alcohol anymore, (quit in 2018). The only thing on blood tests that shows anything is that my Bilirubin is elevated. I took a genetic test which ruled out gilberts syndrome as well. But when I say I feel hung over, I mean I legit feel like I drank a bottle of booze the night before, (on some days, some days arent as bad). No doctor can figure out wtf is going on with me and i've been told by 2 doctors "you're a medical mystery". I have more than 5 people from doctors, to dentists who want to know wtf is going on with me when I figure it out lol. And when I say hungover I don't mean sick to my stomach or headache, I mean just overall fatigued. It's too tough to describe but im basically useless some days. Ive check all my vitamins, initially D and b12 were low but since ive supplemented they are back in range.

  23. This is something that even a doctor thought of, I was put on Flucozonole but it was only like 100 mg for 30 days. Didn't seem to do much but idk.

  24. Rifaximin would be my bet. But I'd do a lactulose breath test first. Not medical advise 😆.

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