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  1. When I was around NKs age, I swallowed my mothers pearl earring. I have a pretty cool x-ray from it, and now I have to wear those earrings on my wedding day. The earring was SHARP too. Idk how I just swallowed it.

  2. This was me two months ago, and one thing that got me through the day was being extra kind and patient to NK. Every time that I offered her compassion and gentleness, I used it as a reminder to give myself the same.

  3. My 2 y/o NK is not super prone to tantrums, but yesterday she threw herself on the floor because she didn't want me to pack her water bottle, even if it was in my bag and out of view. Packed it anyway because I'm not letting the child get dehydrated.

  4. Oh trust me, I'm absolutely not happy all the time. But not PMSing just takes the edge off it all.

  5. Did he even bother checking any of the other things that can cause hair loss? Like your iron and ferritin levels?

  6. Well, the average person doesn’t prioritize the time that’s for sure. But as long as you’re able bodied it’s totally possible even from a zero fitness situation. Ever see thst show ‘Extreme Weight Loss’ on TV? If those people can do it, most people can do it.

  7. youre right. they may prioritize taking care of their family, working, eating, cleaning, or showering over a two hour daily workout. Which ones should they cut back on?

  8. Palpable sense of entitlement when it comes to tips

  9. Tips in america are very different than in other countries. In America, it's basically a glorified begging system so that the employers default the payment unto the consumer. In other countries, it's a reward for a job well done. Americans feel entitled to a tip just as much as you feel entitled to your paycheck. It's a fucked up system, but don't blame the tipped employees, blame the entitlement of the employers who expect their customer to pay their employees.

  10. Teenagers really have few comfortable places in society to be themselves, their obnoxious, loud, creative selves. And while it's unpleasant to put up with, remember how awful it was to be a teenager.

  11. Rubbery like when you rub your fingers on it, it squeaks? I heard that means its very clean—like squeaky clean dishes

  12. Ok, so prob going to get downvoted to hell .

  13. I'm not going to downvote you to hell, but I am going to say that if you were my coworker, I would highly dislike you.

  14. IIRC, starbucks does this with one of their sugar cookies. I believe it's the reindeer/octopus, but I could be wrong.

  15. A two year old is not doing a power thing. Making a mess is normal. Just take a deep breath, sing the clean up song and help her if needed.

  16. Considering that she rips the books off the shelves, looks me dead in the eyes, and says, "you're going to clean this," I would argue that she is. She's certainly testing boundaries which toddlers are capable of. I understand that making a mess is normal. I'm asking if others have advice for making cleaning feel more manageable to her.

  17. The idea that the union is saying they can't sit back and watch these rolls get phased out along with the Metrocard is so wrong imo. If a job isn't necessary, then it isn't necessary. Don't get me wrong. For people in the company, if possible find a new job they can do if it makes sense and there's a need. But I'm not sure there really is a need here.

  18. I would actually be uncomfortable if the stations were completely devoid of any sense of "security" or someone who has a direct communication with the MTA. (Don't tell me that NYPD are at every station now. Theyre really busy being on their phones, so this role can't fall to them.)

  19. I feel like I’d be cutting my eyes over at that the whole party waiting for someone else to take the first one.

  20. I was forced to take the first puff. It was devastating to take it apart, but so delicious.

  21. Best of luck! It was certainly challenging. You will have a good amount of downtime while things cool, so do your dishes then! Because by the end, the caramel dishes are daunting enough, and you will hardly want to do them.

  22. Eh. I have smoked some of the stuff coming out of NYC "dispensaries" and other legitimate dispensaries in NJ, MA, CO, and WA. The fake NYC stuff will get you high, but there's also a 50/50 shot it will taste like ass and give you a headache. It does not come close to comparing to the more regulated things I have smoked and ingested.

  23. And then you must follow them to their home and watch them through their window, waiting until the moment they step in the shower. Perhaps they may even stop at the pharmacy to stink it up on their way home.

  24. I believe slime means you're over blending it or you're squeezing the oats too hard to get the milk out.

  25. I don't know anybody who would specifically ask that neighbors stare into their house for any reason.

  26. Seriously. If I were this MB, I would get very upset with my neighbor for thinking they have the authority to look into my home and report their findings.

  27. The diaper bag is always so chaotic. I love reorganizing after my NF comes back from a trip. 80 different snacks? Great! MB's bathing suit that has been in there for two months? Not so great but I'll make it work!

  28. No, she wants to understand how to talk to nanny about overloading the washer and dryer, which accelerates wear and tear, when she’s already had a convo about it.

  29. I can see that perhaps the nanny is overloading the washer because they do not want to do more loads that day, and that could be correlated to the workload. I do believe that MB and nanny can work out an agreement that, regardless of how much laundry there is, only x loads get put in daily by nanny. It would also help if MB took painters tape or something similar and marked a line on the washing machine to limit overloading.

  30. Yes you can get 11.5 hours a day at a daycare, but daycares operate with multiple employees working in shifts. It is highly unlikely that the same person who receives your child is there to give them back within a twelve hour time frame. With a nanny, you are asking one single person to stretch themselves to work for 11.5 hours. They come to your home. They give your child individualized care for 11.5 hours straight. That's a lot.

  31. I've made this exact recipe a bunch of times and its a family and holiday favourite.

  32. Every time I see this recipe posted, I ALWAYS recommend that instead of whipped cream, you use the remaining egg whites from the recipe and make tiny merengue kisses. Bake them separately from the tart, then garnish around the edges. IMO it's the perfect balance of something cool and sweet to offset the tang, but overall the tart isn't too tangy and can go without.

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