The secret origin of the Cobalt Blue Indiana Glass Hen.

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  1. If you’re in the US and have a Tuesday Morning store near you, check to see what they have. I scored a lot of tools for cheap!

  2. I started in child welfare, spent time in community mental health, then inbedded in FQHC, then long-term care, then providing therapy in senior care facilities. I'm now in hospice and loving it. All my expenses have taught me and brought me here. I enjoyed each one, not every day, but most days. What I learned in child welfare I've used in every population I've worked in. Growing your knowledge and experiences is important to being a hood clinician and burn out prevention.

  3. I have a cobalt blue hen with out the circular mark on top. But mine has a A frame tail and the head is different. It's also larger that my other Indiana Glass hens.

  4. Hello. I should have specified in the OP that many other companies made hen on nest dishes in many different styles and sizes. Some of those were in cobalt and are not (as) rare. The one with a flat tail and straight head is the Indiana style hen, and it’s the one that I’m investigating.

  5. Your post got me up and pulling out that blue hen to check after that $1000 price. Lol. Now I'm researching the maker of mine. A good mystery sparks another! Wishing you great success!

  6. I changed mine about to updated location appx 3 miles away and ETA window didn't change. The website even states on the map page:

  7. Oh that's good. I saw on here awhile back that got bumped or something but the issue was being fixed.

  8. No don’t touch it until you have the dish up and working. Even then that small amount won’t matter, it probably won’t even show out if it’s location in the app

  9. Or the number of cards cut from the big sheet gives space for a few spares

  10. It was in a Universal Waite deck from the 1990, so completely seperate cards. I think whoever had them just added them for their own reason. Wish I knew where they where from.

  11. Extra cards can be present because the artist created the extra art.

  12. Thank you. That's interesting. I picked up the deck at a yard sale out of curiosity. The main deck is a Universal Waite, complete, '90 printed in Belgium. The 3 extra cards are interesting and I'm enjoying learning.

  13. Feb 8th was the first preorder date not associated with beta. That’s when I ordered.

  14. Social Worker here and former child welfare worker but not in Virginia. Short answer, immediately after birth. Contact attorney so paperwork is ready to file. If one child is unsafe, all the children are unsafe. A newborn is most vulnerable and should be protected. You need to show protective capacity and that is directly saying "NO, my newborn is not leaving me to go to a proven violent person during a global pandemic." Followed up with legal action. Do you and your children have a court appointed attorney? If so, talk to them both. If not, ask for one. Your children should have a court appointed guardian addendum, an attorney that represents their interests. Also, call CASA, Court Appointed Special Advocates, for assistance. They are not attorneys, but are strong advocates for children. Here's a link for Virginia.

  15. I rescued a 8lb 11yr old sulcata almost three years ago. She weighs 37lbs now and her shell is looking much better. With proper care and nutrition they will start growing. Happy you rescued this guy!

  16. I'm not going through much to be honest. My wife thinks I'm unusual for getting on with my life after this and not letting it stop me from getting in the car or driving. The next day after the incident happened, I did the same route again and relived it to get it out of the way in a friend's car as the police had mine for the investigation.

  17. Look for a therapist who specializes in EMDR. Great therapy for trauma recovery. Peace be with you.

  18. Have you had any issues with battery performance? Software, not hardware. I’ve had this for two months and I gotta say it kinda sucks. When it works it’s great but it’s not worked right about 25% of the time, pretty frustrating. Wondering what other peoples experience has been.

  19. We haven't had any issues. That must be frustrating. Did you install it or have a company install?

  20. What made you choose generac over tesla solar? I'm in the market for a system (possibly combo solar and propane generac generator) and trying to make my decision.

  21. Generac is plug-n-play while tesla is not. That means I can add batteries on my own. I don't have to pay a tech. I can buy a battery for $1500 so I'll add more as I go.

  22. Thank you for sharing this. It reinforced and affirmed the challenges of spotting and dealing with narcissists. I'm currently dealing with a family member who fits this so your sharing was timely. Peace be.

  23. My financing was %.9. There are lenders who specialize in solar lending. We used RisingSun and it has been great.

  24. I don't know much about US species, but might this be Lasius murphyi?

  25. I'm a mental health therapist. Outside my day job, I worked with an attorney providing psychological assessments for Veterans in the court system fighting for disability status.

  26. Sounds like you're doing pretty well so far. Has your income stabilized any since last year? If so, use $5k of your savings to pay off the credit card and be done with that. Then you only have student loans which you should be able to bang out quite a bit before September. Are they all fed loans that are in deferment? Once that's paid off, then you can keep progressing through the baby steps and live like no one else. Congratulations on bouncing back!

  27. Thank you for the encouragement. Yes, my income seems to be stable working for a strong, well managed hospice. I've been tempted to send off that payment but I've never had more than 1-2,000 in a savings account and it feels so nice! My loans are deferred but I keep paying them and it sure helped pay it down. If Gov writes them off thats fine, if not, I'm ok too. For context, i finished grad school 13 yrs ago with 42,000 in federal loans. I've never defaulted, had to use income based payments for 10 yrs. It's crazy I still owe 35,000. I wouldn't believe it if I wasn't living it!!

  28. We used RisingSun Solar and it has been great. We have Generac backup batteries and Generac generator. Generac batteries are plug and play so you can easily add more when you want. Super happy with the workman ship and install.

  29. Trust me, it ain't real, all show. Don't torture yourself by looking or responding. It sucks more time and energy and you've already given way too much. It's his loss and the new gf nghtmare, whether she knows it now or not.

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