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  1. Back in college my budy and me loved to tell each other in a serious voice: “Man you look like shit, do you feel like shit? Cause you look like shit”, the next day after a night out drinking :))

  2. You can bulk if you consume more calories than you spend.

  3. Do not Google duck vaginas to find out just how far nature can take the curved vagina.

  4. Women are more likely to orgasm from a grinding motion, rather than thrusting in and out.

  5. And people should be flushing with the lid down anyway!!

  6. Not being able to sleep despite being tired everyday.

  7. It's not only annoying when people can just sleep within a couple of minutes and tell you just close your eyes, or that list of things they thought would be helpful for most people. Yep, like we have not tried those things already lol.

  8. It’s like that with any chronic issue I guess. The person suffering for years or decades knows more than the average doctor. And has usually tried everything.

  9. If something sounds stupid but it works, it’s not stupid 🤷‍♂️ 😂

  10. Regular weed with thc has never made me sleepy, it actually keeps me active in some way, ironically. CBD only weed tends to help though

  11. Maybe it’s the strain. Indica vs sativa. You want indica for sleep. Sativa can have the opposite effect.

  12. At least now you can look forward to a 200% increase in DMs after this post, lol.

  13. If he isn't on the same level of maturity of you, regardless of age, don't go for it. one of you will turn into the parent.

  14. I felt this. I honestly feel like a single father many times… we don’t have kids.

  15. What is with reddit's obsession equating eggs with periods? Menstruation is waste tissue. Eggs are almost self contained to sustain and develop life for a month. Embryos don't feed off the uterine lining, you know? hurr durr I'm eATiNg a ChIcKn's PERIOD

  16. I knew right there op is a vegan, didn’t even have to mention it.

  17. The fact that they used "naturally selected" in this context is the first clue to that their answer is questionable at best.

  18. We would. Technology exists and is beeing used allready. Technology has advanced massively in the last 30 years. We achieved incredible efficiency and possibilities to communicate, share and coordinate globally.

  19. But inventing and building automation tech would take a lot of risk, patience and investment without immediate returns. If it's going to be used for other's benefit who would take it on?

  20. You missunderstood perhaps. Nothing new needs to be invented or build. We can sustain our basic needs 10times over as is.

  21. Did you find what was causing your body to wake up so many times during the night to go pee?

  22. I wake up once to pee, the other times it is either reflux, or maybe back pain or something unknown…

  23. Dieticians are the foot soldiers of the Food Industry. Information obtained from them should be viewed accordingly.

  24. It all stems from demonisation of (saturated) animal fats, I think.

  25. Off topic, but as an egineer i have heard so many things that where absolutely bullshit form people that "are" (should be) specialist in certain trades. Working in the same trade for their whole live and still don't know their shit.

  26. Had a doc lecture me about cholesterol beeing an exhogenous molecule that is harmfull to the body so we need to ingest as little of it as possible.

  27. Yes it is right now, a month ago it was not. Big fan of PM's, not so much DCA or this raid timing BS. The thing that worries me personally in US is my cash. Holding in case, but in case may not happen. Premium's mean, people do not want cash.

  28. Yeah, I get it, you can imagine holding € right now feels even worse.

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