1. I do not think most people associate shaved legs with childhood. It doesn't make you look like a child. You still have a fully adult body. You just removed the hair from it. It does not make you look any younger. It makes you look less hairy.

  2. We're not all talking only about legs here, I think.

  3. I mean anywhere on my body looks like an adult version of that body part whether it has hair on it or not.

  4. You mean you asked each and every woman? All of them? In the whole wide world? And they all said no? Like, the two or so billions of them? Wow, dude. Just wow. /s

  5. I have no idea how many people are under 18 in the world, but I don't think it's half of all people

  6. You’re the one living in fantasyland. Here in NJ is actually against the law to do anything other than “affirm”

  7. What you mean is that attempts to covert a trans person into a cis person through mental games and torture is banned.

  8. Your body doesn’t go through puberty the wrong way. Your mind might be in the wrong body, but the body does nothing wrong.

  9. Human bodies do things wrong all the time. What are you talking about?

  10. I guess I don’t know enough about the medication, but my understanding of it is that it’s effects are permanent, or am I wrong? I think if it’s difficult to reverse the effects giving it to minors is a bit dodgy but if it’s effects stop after you stop taking it, then I guess it’s no different to getting prescribed medication for depression or adhd, etc. Would genuinely like to know more about it.

  11. The effects of not taking the medication are experiencing a puberty associated with the wrong gender, which is a lot more permanent than delaying puberty by a few years. The problem is a lot of people try to phrase this around "what if we misdiagnose a cis kid as trans" rather than "what do trans kids experience when we deny them medication."

  12. Everyone knows trans people are a tiny minority with no power. TERFs and the far right pretend otherwise, but they do know it. So when a couple trans people said "please don't buy this game, the owner of the franchise says she views it as an endorsement of her hate and it will make her escalate her attacks accordingly" I don't think anyone expected people to listen to that. It's not a surprise the game sales were strong. It is maybe a surprise that it's the biggest pre sale game, but that would be true of any game capturing a record.

  13. It’s literally a videogame that has nothing to do with JK Rowling other than it being set in the Harry Potter universe. If anyone is crying because their loved one are playing the new Harry Potter game they need to go breathe some fresh air and log out of all social media, jesus christ.

  14. A video game that bears the name of the franchise that she makes, whose sales boost her fame further keep her in the public discourse, and in her own words count as endorsement of her views.

  15. Ok but what is with the weird tint you're using on your eyebrows? It looks really bad. Like you've dyed the skin itself almost completely black

  16. I don't have any hard concept of what lonely man food is. Maybe takeaway pizza? Something that doesn't require any cooking and is easy/fast to get but is overall unhealthy. Maybe a can of bachelor chow.

  17. Real confusion of terms here. Two different versions of like are used to make it seem the same. One is used as a synonym for "enjoy." As in "enjoying simulated violence in an entertainment product." The other is used as a synonym for "feel attraction/sexual excitation toward." As in "feel attraction/sexual excitation toward a depiction of someone who looks like or is a minor."

  18. How could Sally Ride be considered an astronaut if she was actually a female astronaut?

  19. I know this is a meme but they both seem very attractive, they just have completely different looks in this image on account of one is at a minimum wage job and one is on stage at a prestigious beauty pageant?

  20. TBH I'm not sure where he gets this from. Most adult men men talk about the same 2 or 3 things over and over.

  21. Personally I love talking about cars ofc, real estate, heavy industries, stocks, theories about politics, tech and that’s about it.

  22. Some of that stuff is fun to talk about sometimes, but not as like the only conversation topics.

  23. Did they study impacts on mitochondria elsewhere in the body? This could be a very interesting finding indicating that metformin essentially both lowers the metabolism and is a performance reducing drug for athletic activity.

  24. Mandela effect. I always remembered that phrase as piss porn. You all are from the other universe where it was called piss poor.

  25. It's easy for Tesla to make this much money per vehicle because they're extremely poorly made.

  26. Yeah, a new motorcycle costs a minimum of about 8-10k these days, and the one he's riding probably closer to 20k. Requires a special license, and people in cars will intentionally and aggressively try to take your life. Then get away with it.

  27. To be honest I've never heard anyone single person in the real world ever say anything about asexual people outside of LGBTQ specific settings where someone themselves said they were asexual and everyone said "okay." Most people IRL really just don't think or care about asexual people enough to have stereotypes about them.

  28. "I googled the word porn and I got a bunch of sex related results!"

  29. Yeah but then you use " biological " instead of " real "

  30. Cisgender is actually the word people typically use as trans people are not abiological creatures.

  31. Just know that the friendship isn't mutual. It's one-sided. The guy is likely to be more willing to pay for things or provide a helping hand than the woman is. Also those gestures are not done out of friendship. They come from an instinctual desire to provide for a mate.

  32. I'm pretty damn positive men buy food for their friends. And assist their friends when they are in need. Even if those friends are male. I'm pretty sure that men would find a male friend who is unwilling to ever buy food or help out with anything to not actually be a friend in the first place.

  33. I disagree. I think this video; however edited it is, shows plenty of evidence that it is completely normal for women to have guy friends while they 100% know the guys are interested in them romantically. That much, we can see is normal behavior.

  34. Knowing that your friend would sleep with you is not the same as keeping them around as a backup plan. Are you supposed to stop being friends with someone if you know they'd sleep with you? Why?

  35. Black Indigenous Person of Color. It's a pretty common term these days (5 ish years maybe) among activists.

  36. Explicit transphobia in the first sentence of your post doesn't make your side look good.

  37. He says that he supports TERFs, those are explicit words, what are you on about?

  38. Okay but what's it going to do? Have a better camera I guess would be nice, but not worth any additional hundreds of dollars. My phone has no performance issues. It will never replace my gaming desktop PC, and I'm not even going to use it for productivity like a laptop or entertainment like a tablet because there are physical limitations to the small screen and no keyboard.

  39. Honestly weird they used a missile instead of the guns. You could have used one singular round to take the thing down and would have been at a much lower risk of damage to the components.

  40. They are rebelling. Supporting trans rights is the mainstream now. If you doubt that, create two posts on here, one for trans rights and one against, see which gets upvoted and which gets downvoted to hell.

  41. "Whenever society makes progress for minorities, it becomes conservative to support those minorities. Cool rebels will oppose the rights of minorities once they start winning acceptance."

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