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  1. Tbh id look for some motherfucker named Karl and make sure he never writes a book in his life.

  2. Yeah i really dont care where they come up with the money. All i care about is getting payed for the debt that is owed.

  3. 45days is wayyyyyy to long. Same or next day. 48 hours seems reasonable

  4. Muh diversity is our strength. How is them diversifiying a western country considered strength if this is how "divers" they think right at home?

  5. No. Thats the thing. Once your at a decent chain lenght you can continiously walk in a circle and poke radar over and over till a bush is shiny

  6. Yeah wtf is happening to BBBY the past weeks? I fully understood anything down to 3-5 bucks but then what?

  7. Nope not really. Fossils are like legendarys guaranteed 3 best IV's. Only the 4th one is a bonus and that just 1/31. There is 3 randomly rolled so one in ten fossil should have 4 best IV's

  8. Using it for years. After DuckDuckgo for some reason decided to go regard mode. Way to not know your userbase.

  9. 300k futures short on spy. Entry 3929 - Exit 3264. I concluded that exit level by looking at fib extensions, they didnt add up so i pulled it out of my ass.

  10. The recession is here. Everything is in gradual decline. Yall better learn to trade in a bear market. 10 years of up only have to end at some point. That point was last year.

  11. Its a just less than 2% chance if you have one 5IV and one 6IV. Just about 1% if its two 5IV pokemon.

  12. The Fed has no selfish incentive to pivot. They and their friends sold the tippitytop because morals and ethics all of a sudden...

  13. I need help with magmar trade evolution so if you still need help we can trade then trade back.

  14. Anyone able to help me trade evo some pokemon? i can give anything in return?

  15. the only people who are against this is people doing shady shit like criminals, people who work cash jobs (under the table), people doing dishonest shit - paying for hookers etc in cash to hide from the wife.

  16. Yup still waiting too. Money went out my account on the first.

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