1. This is a great deal at 200, you basically robbed them if in working condition.

  2. Is the Qatari male citizen with a guaranteed income, no utilities bills and huge social privilege arrived yet? He is supposed to say the "my home my rule" mantra to justify the medieval system which provide him everything as long as he doesn't criticize the almighty ruler or his family.

  3. I gave mine as a present to a friend who was hyper excited about a recent purchase of an used B&O Zeppelin Bluetooth speaker for more than twice the price of my Edifier. He wasn't very happy about it because the expensive design bt thing sounds definitely worse than a cheap chinese active 2.0.

  4. The Kantos are definitely no upgrade over the Adams. I would rank them a side-step, but I prefer the T5Vs. I think the YU6 would make good tv speakers, a huge step up from internal speakers or a soundbar and good for casual music listenin. Though I would use the T5V as my main speakers, if I had both the T5V and YU6.

  5. This, to upgrade properly placed T5Vs won't be enough to double the price.

  6. Aaaahhhh, finally a nice Sunday troll. You're getting what you need I see, live long and prosper!

  7. If you're looking for a warmer sound I suggest you go into Elac, avoid French brands such as Focal and Triangle, maybe you can stretch to Wharfedale Evo 4.2 which are bottom ported.

  8. Just hire a local professional to manage the bureaucracy, it's easier and probably less expensive unless you have a lot of time to spend on learning everything that comes with it.

  9. We thought about it but the specific situation ask for a "in-house" solution. Plus, we tried to ask for consults but official amministrators don't give it wanting to be hired and various CAF or commercialisti do not provide such services. So, we're somehow forced to take the matter in our hands.

  10. What about asking to an architect or a geometra? You most probably will have to hire one as independent consultant to watch over the renovation or at least the construction company will provide one because it is required to sign the building site and local maps paperwork.

  11. Depending of good the deal is, but definitely a more capable set than micro single driver units.

  12. Amp: Used Marantz PM6006. Bought it today from a fellow audiophile for USD390.

  13. You are going smoothly the perfect path, better speakers and cozy seat.

  14. I used to have the smaller 201 and although I like the sound coming from my actual one very much I miss the yamaha especially the loudness switch at night.

  15. Speakers. Always upgrade speakers (unless the rest of your gear is dreck, and yours is not)

  16. Trust this fellow redditor, the most substantial change or upgrade you can have are mostly speakers until you reach car budget then we are dealing with subtle changes.

  17. I don't know how much your degrees will have an effect on finding a job here as a young Brazilian without previous work experience, someone you know who already lives and work in Italy is definitely a more effective bet. That said you can check how you can make a request to transfer the legal value of your graduation

  18. You won't get a decent pair of active speakers with phono input at that price, better looking for an early 00s HT amp and use the budget for a Q acoustics 3030i or elac debut b6.2

  19. Just go all in with the speakers and get the cheapest amp used on local marketplace.

  20. Thanks, I m wondering if the 3030i could be too big for a 25 square meters living room and I need to consider the 3020i instead, or if I really need the original stands, which are pretty expensive or I could use some generic ones. Anyone have any advice about the distance from the wall for the 3030i or if I can use some other stands than the originals?

  21. I have the towers 3050i in a 30ish square meters room and trust me the 3030i aren't too big. Any stand should be fine considering the size they are not too heavy, just give them 20-30cm on the back and enjoy.

  22. vero, ma va precisato che è lo zucchero (raffinato, bianco, di canna, in cubetti, a velo , etc non importa) che non ha una data di scadenza.

  23. Ogni tanto quando apro la dispensa mi sovviene il fatto che in termini medioevali ho un capitale da comprarci casa e terreni in sale, zucchero e spezie.

  24. Stessa cosa che mi dice sempre mia moglie! Saremmo miliardari solo con un vasetto di chiodi di garofano!

  25. Non ti parla del cardamomo perché sa che ogni vasetto è un harem

  26. Tripod stands are definitely more stable. Add some silicon sheet underneath the speakers base for more safety, grills on, an empty plastic bowl to cover the tweeters when not in use.

  27. I feel much better about skipping out on the cyber Monday deals for bookshelf speakers today. Yeah they aren't the best but they'll sound a hell of a lot better than $8!

  28. The first speakers I got with my money! I regret selling them.

  29. Yeah, just adults going childish at each others.

  30. Our Christmas tree is made of squared progressive lengths wooden sticks piled up on a rod, we bought it from a group of volunteers working with prison inmates a few years ago. It saves a lot of space when closed and can also be displayed partially opened, kids likes it, cat doesn't care, we'll paint it green as rainiy Sunday activities someday.

  31. As an Italian all I can say is that food is overrated

  32. Prendi una marca di lubrificante siliconico qualunque e risparmi anche il 50%, se hai qualche amico o parente che lavora in officina meglio ancora, gli dai 5 euro e ti porti via una bomboletta da 500ml che hanno preso nel cartone ed hanno detratto come consumabile.

  33. Studio monitors such as Genelec, iLoud, Adam depending on how much space you can deal with on your desk.

  34. Quel gran genio di Iosonouncane agli albori nel 2010 ha pubblicato un album intitolato "La macarena su Roma" che così viene descritto su Wikipedia:

  35. Ma con i bambini dovreste vederli che tenerezza/s

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