Kid shows up to black peoples house with whip

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  1. Did you have your interview? How did it go sweetie?

  2. Yeah! I just finished it and I got the job:)

  3. I’m a retail manager and I once had a very nervous teen show up for a cashier position in a three piece suit he later admitted he stole from his dad for the occasion (who was probably a foot taller than him.) love that guy, great employee. What you’re wearing is absolutely perfect.

  4. Wow that's hilarious.. And thank you! I got the job

  5. I don't but I don't find it weird or nasty

  6. Just say "Can we get some deodorant next time we go to the store?" or when you're there with them, put it in the cart

  7. Holy shit.. I just started tripping with my boyfriend of four years and it's perfect everytime- nothing has gone wrong at all. We started taking acid when we were about two years in~ and we'd text each other and it was fine then too. We were only about 16 at that time so we didnt have any other option to hang out all night. I think you're with the wrong girl bud

  8. I ordered Panda express for dinner today and I made it clear I wanted the package to be sit on my chair outside and she put it right on the door. The tip was in a cup on my chair.. She missed out on $4 lol

  9. $bid , I've been learning Japanese since 2014 and I'm in my advanced Japanese classes in college! I'm almost to the level of being fluent, just some words here and there that I may not be familiar with.

  10. The kids dad almost shot his own daughter for being a dumb fuck. He was also charged with felony charge of deadly conduct after the gun went off

  11. Holy shit. I live right in Kaumfan County and I haven't heard about this until Reddit.

  12. scary.. I always hated driving through Rockwall esp near lrh

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