1. Did it once and got dirty looks from the people on the bus

  2. What you have written here is essentially a negative review. Thanks for playing, don’t forget to go home.

  3. Please don’t peddle info like that dude. 18 year olds don’t randomly die like that due to vaccinations.

  4. All speculation at this point but an above comment mentioned heart issues and that he had a lot of Red Bull. Expecting downvotes for this but it’s a fact that myocarditis and pericarditis and other heart issues such as tachycardia are known possible side effects of the covid vaccination (as well as the small pox vax)

  5. Depends on the class. If it’s an important major class and u take it at CC then u might struggle later on

  6. Unexplainable nausea, chronic fatigue, inability to exercise without feeling unwell

  7. Hey can you let me know if you ever get a diagnosis? Dealing with the same thing intermittently

  8. For nausea I saw a western dr they just said acid reflux and told me to take Pepcid but the nausea came back in a few weeks. I found western medicine only treats the symptoms with meds, or just hand waves the issues as anxiety and depression, at least if u do not have a good dr (I had Kaiser and they REALLY suck). I’m getting acupuncture and taking herbal medicine now and I’m noticing an improvement. Hope this helps :)

  9. I would say these rates are pretty standard depending on the part of the country you're in. 175 for one week of herbs seems high but it really depends on what herbs and how many and what form your prescription is in. I personally wouldnt call this reasonable to what most people can afford. Sometimes insurance reimburses for acupuncture, never for herbs

  10. 10+ herbs and they are in granule form which I add water to. What other forms are there? Are some more effective? Yea it is a sizeable amount of money. Im hoping that I can feel well enough with 3 months treatment

  11. $175/week for granule seems very high. Are you noticing an effect? What are you being treated for? Herbs come in many forms, bulk/raw herbs being the most powerful and often most expensive, followed by granule which tend to be a little more reasonably priced. Pill form is another main form that tends to be least powerful (although still very effective) and tends to be more cost effective, but not always.

  12. Thanks for the helpful response! I’m being treated for nausea, fatigue, menstrual irregularities, chest pains. I think it’s helping as nausea has improved and my period has come, so I’m hopeful. No ren sheng. My insurance can cover some of the acupuncture so I’m thinking of stopping herbs when I feel better, but idk if that’ll hinder my progress.

  13. You can set up alerts on iPhone for if a table opens up.

  14. No because life has real irreversible choices with consequences. Sad.

  15. That’s true, but I don’t see the reasoning behind this one. It’s not a big inconvenience Bc everything is changed online. Only sucks for the people who can’t have their hard work shown.

  16. Circuits are cool, but not as cool as spicy lamb over rice.

  17. nah dinosaurs required some studying, I ended up with an A- lmao

  18. 🤔oh it might be bc I took it during online, but I could see u would need to memorize some things. It’s good for ppl who prefer tests over essays. I also took good notes and found it super interesting

  19. I don’t know much about design but it may open doors for UI/UX if ur interested in that, u can pair it with CS

  20. It’s for my son. He sleeps very well but also has allergies (we’re in Florida) that don’t respond completely to antihistamines, and gets migraines when he’s stressed. The throat mucus has been a thing for at least a year. I’m considering getting him an antihistamine probiotic but I’m open to anything that might help. He’s not a fan of acupuncture, but he will take supplements/herbs and is fine with cupping. My fave Chinese medicine doctor is a distance away, and I just want to get as much input as possible.

  21. Not TCM but have you tried getting an air purifier for his room? I’ve also had throat mucus in the morning and it’s helped

  22. There’s a temp report that you can make for building. I think it’s called moo temp or something like that.

  23. I’ve done that before. Does it actually do anything?

  24. I just carry a jacket year-round. When it's hot out I wear jackets inside, and when it's cold I wear jackets outside.

  25. I do that. The temperature difference is still a lot. It’s warm inside with a t shirt.

  26. This is normal levels now, you've just never seen that before. The weather is also nice and people are still new to this experience. After Halloween this complaint will be 90% neutralized.

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