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  1. I would add Hayato from Goddess Cafe Terrace. Man is an absolute chad.

  2. This!! Rentarou is both the biggest chad and the most wholesome MC.

  3. Yeah, would love to see a 3 way fight between Melania, Wolf, and Lady Maria.

  4. All of the Golden Lineage bosses (except for Godefroy).

  5. Had to look that up and holy shit I guess she is now.

  6. I haven’t faced Orphan yet but ik fs that I’ll atleast manage to get a few fair hits on Kos while Laurence just one hits me if I get anywhere close or far from him

  7. That's because the cathedral is way too small of an arena to fight him. His AOEs are so cheap because you have so little space to manoeuvre around it. Orphan is way more aggressive, but at least you have breathing room to think about your next move.

  8. Wolf becoming Elden Lord.... It will only take a moment

  9. I can't help but remember when Norm Macdonald brought in Johnny Twofeathers on behalf of Melissa McCarthy back in 2012

  10. Would Nameless King be considered a fallen hero or an old man?

  11. Fallen hero for sure. He just looks the way he does because he’s hollow. He tried to right his father’s wrongdoing by attempting to bring back the Everlasting Dragons (unsuccessfully)

  12. Thinking about it, I think you are right. I think that he is a better representative of the Fallen Hero trope for DS3 and that Gael is a better representative for the Old Man trope.

  13. The Count of Monte Cristo, specifically the unabridged version translated by Robin Buss.

  14. I'm just back from marseille. The tour guide mentioned the book. Is it really all its supposed to be? I'm not great at reading anything over 100ish years old.

  15. Yes it's absolutely fantastic. I usually recommend this to anyone who seriously wants to get into the classics since it is so accessible and it is paced really well.

  16. I'm surprised no one is mentioning the Living Failures.

  17. I remember using that technique against Gwyn, Patriarch of Cinders

  18. So intense isn’t it! Exhilarating battle I loved it so much. This game is such a gem! 💎 I know I’ve heard the legend Miyazaki dosnt like sequels but I would do anything to play out after the “return” ending and travel out west.

  19. So intense that.......it would make your blood boil

  20. It is true that the Japanese dub is stronger than the English dub, but there were standout performances such as Gyoubu and Genichiro.

  21. Shadows of Yharnam during my first playthrough of BB

  22. Just yesterday I defeated Inner Isshin and it felt soo good. Not sure if I'm going through the Shura Gauntlet of Strenght tho

  23. Go for it! You get the best costume in the game imo. Have you done inner Genichiro as well?

  24. I'll try, wish me luck lol. Yes, the Divine Heir Gauntlet of Strenght was the first one I did

  25. Oh yeah I'm rooting for you, I never thought I could complete any of the gauntlet bosses a week ago, but here I am! If you can beat one of them, you can beat all of them

  26. I’m not that far into it, but I beat Lady Butterfly and Gyoubu. Gyoubu was pretty easy, did it one try, (but I beat LB before him so maybe that’s why. Does it really get much more difficult afterwards?

  27. You just have to wait for the gameplay to click. There are bosses such as Lady Butterfly and especially Genichiro where players usually find their Eureka moment with this game.

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