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  1. oops im sorry, we solved the issue. we were on java, and for some reason, google wasn't giving me my actual ip address, and so once I finally found my actual one and my friend allowed minecraft through her firewall, we were able to play!

  2. Pascals triangle for 7 is 1,7,21, 35,35,21,7,1. Those are your coefficients.

  3. im sorry i wish i could give you better advice, but heres what I know.

  4. nah I love goin slow and steady in my worlds, setting up everything as i go. that said my first world where i actually beat the enderdragon was out of a 5x4 cobblestone box surrounded by chests. that world is actually what got me back into minecraft

  5. I have all of the same mods as you but I also have CIT resewn, falling leaves and the time changer mod.

  6. do you remember the origin smp that was a thing amongst bigger creators for a while? i believe niki nihachu had a mod similar to that

  7. oop sorry just saw the bedrock thing- no i dont know of anything on bedrock that does that

  8. drive a semi, get in a bar fight, zipline over the grand canyon, become famous, travel to norway, buy a house up in some snowy mountains, etc

  9. use sodium, lithium, krypton and starlight together

  10. I've been using all of these for a while now without any issues. It doesn't change anything about your world.

  11. i must be the black sheep- but i HATE talking with people i have things in common with. Like sure, i love hearing theories and discussing with people online, but irl, i find it so annoying when people like my special interest / similar things. its a problem im working on lol. I typically like people with similar mindsets, like nerdy, if that makes sense. I get them talking about something I know they like / something in their life, then just dive into the topic. it doesnt matter if i like it, we can dive into it together and share insights. and sometimes ill start ranting about my interest and explain it all to them and have a conversation about that. I grew up with crippling social anxiety, like many autistic people. ive learned over years of experimenting that you don't get places with people by sharing an interest, cause that can easily die out. you connect by showing genuine interest and diving into stuff together. if its about the topic, its about the topic. and thats okay. but to really strengthen a friendship, you gotta talk with eachother, cause then its about you guys talking. beware, this doesnt work with everyone unfortunately. i hope that makes sense. maybe this wont work for you. sorry for the rant. scripting never really helped me when i was younger, my therapists always tried to make me do that, so i just wanted to put this information out there in case it could help anyone.

  12. not split everything up into hella expensive packs. seriously. you cant even begin playing truly until youve spent near $100, and thats just what i would consider the base stuff (the game, pets, seasons).

  13. GMA X4500 is in G41 or G43 chipset circa 2008 for Core 2 Duo based Pentium, LGA 775, I believe.

  14. alsooo I may have done a few things before i saw your comment. I took the pentium system mobo and put it in a different cool looking case I had since the duo system was actually built backwards? yeah idk. Then I found and took out the faulty ram stick, put in the gpu from the duo system, and im planning on switching the cpus. im trying to use the psu from the duo system but its a bit oversized with short cables so I may have to get a different one. honestly probably made it way more complicated for myself but yeah...

  15. minecrafts a huge one. in general though, i love 'projects.' theyre basically just any creative thing that I work on. I *really* like creating things. whether its 3d modeling, drawing, sewing, building pcs, video editing, etc. I guess you could say my special interest is creating. I'm a very artistic person. I also try to distance myself from getting too fixated on any one thing, mainly fictional works, because they tend to lead me into a downward spiral. So creating my own things is a great way for me to counter that.

  16. Its DnD, you can do whatever you want. I'm sure Technoblade would want people to remember him and take inspiration for what he did down here.

  17. play minecraft, edit videos, make a lot of art, cook, and practice instruments.

  18. ive been diagnosed from a young age, but my family has largely ignored my autism,, and i grew up not even knowing why i was different until I was finally told about my diagnoses. I might give this a try.

  19. You should be able to find clip on braids for cosplay. Jinx is a very popular character so I think that won't be an issue.

  20. oh yeah, props are a different story lol. Theyd be wayy to heavy otherwise

  21. am i the only one who sees positive emotions in both of these? Maybe this is why I struggle to keep friends lmao

  22. ok so really wild throw but what if the gold stuff which seems to be attached to mel ends up saving her life??? seems highly unlikely and we still dont know just how strong jinxs bomb was but jayce and viktor will probably survive, and theyre in the same room.

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