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  1. Fravor doesn't have a "story", his event was corroborated and he has inherent credibility given his role and training. The Zimbabwe thing is a story though.

  2. Have the controls been updated? Last time I tried it was extremely difficult given the controls sensitivity design.

  3. Anyone can copy down a code that works and print it on fakes

  4. Get into loyalty programs as a med patient. Just got CO2 carts made by Rev Clinics for $18.99 each during a sale at Panacea. There is some downward pressure on pricing now that the market is more mature. Just need to be a smart shopper and stock up when you see a good sale like the above.

  5. You got away with it bro. Simply not worth the risk. Don't go international with THC...

  6. Every flight for me is an international one I live in England , they aren’t looking for weed vapes looking for weapons and bombs

  7. Good luck to you. Every border documentary I've ever seen has them arresting those with any residue quantity or greater

  8. If there is metal in that pipe you'll get a shock if you touch the plasma sparks to the metal pipe frame.

  9. I was doing 80 on the lane next to the fast lane, and there were at least 10 a holes blew by at least 100+ mph

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