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  1. If I'm being honest, I'm still a little mad at Lars

  2. Your dad must be really short if that's how long his pants are

  3. What plan, Dutch? What goddamn plan? Tahiti? Timbuktu?!

  4. I am a woman and a gamer but I never play online co-op games because you can't pause and I pause a lot. Plus, I game as a solo activity, I don't want it to be a social activity.

  5. He looks like a guy who is clearly suffering as a result of the destruction left by Hurricane Ian. He's got his emergency leather biker jacket on. He has freshly applied jet black shoe polish in his hair.

  6. In the past, I've used miracle gro on veggies and flowers. I learned this year that miracle gro is shit.

  7. One thing I have definitely learned in doing gardening in my backyard. Always use organic fertilizers. Plants don’t really care but your soil does. How to get the best possible produce or plants or flowers out of your garden you should have healthy soil. Organic breaks down very nicely inorganic does not. Another thing I have learned is the more native plants and flowers you have, the more your garden is part of the ecosystem. And will be alive with activity.

  8. Yeah I have some salvia and coleus flowers that have made the local bumble bees very happy. I hate spiders but have become grudging friends with them as they keep bugs at bay. It is also interesting to watch praying mantises hunt, they strike so fast!

  9. The first step is always to demonstrate value.

  10. He needs to meet Charlie Kelly's mom.

  11. I always felt like Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker were the strongest members of that band. I love Jack's bass playing most of all.

  12. At this point it seems like she’s handing down these insane rulings for purely narcissistic reasons. She’s enjoying the attention and notoriety she’s received

  13. I think she is just doing what she is told, paying back her unearned appointment as a judge.

  14. I am not a big musical fan. Like you, I also avoided season 5. I watched the first four seasons a few times but kept feeling meh about the final season, and skipped it.

  15. I appreciated those elements, you can feel Joey Solloway's love for all these characters and their histories. I just struggled to get past how insufferable and self-involved they are, as the episodes passed I felt like I began to understand them better. I contemplated dropping the show few times during seasons one and two because I felt like they had a tendency to suck the air out of the room. I think by the latter half of series their personalities had been fleshed out more so it wasn't so bad. I guess I'm in the minority with thinking the later seasons were better.

  16. I totally agree that the kids are (sometimes insufferable) narcissists. But I think we come to understand why they are that way. I think they almost had to be self centered because Shelly and Maura, though they are good loving people, were wrapped up in their own shit and kind of ignored the kids in a way as a result. The kids have such a strong bond because their parents were emotionally remote. They learned early on that their siblings were the only people that could provide emotional support.

  17. I'm a lesbian and I don't quite understand the appeal either.

  18. I was looking at these in line at Casey's and was wondering who the fuck would buy a single chip for $8.99.

  19. Turns out there are plenty of pathetic "adults" as well. I genuinely wonder where that money is going towards. What country is it going to, etc.

  20. Honest feedback, it makes you look unkempt. Especially with the just-sat-up-in-bed hair.

  21. Sad to see a kid so troubled that law enforcement and cuffs are the only way to control them. I hope this child gets the help he needs to overcome whatever trauma or issues that got him to this point.

  22. My hope is that he just can't hurt anyone again, whether he overcomes his trauma or not. I care more about innocent people around him who are going to get assaulted or robbed or have their shit vandalized than whether this kid overcomes his alleged trauma.

  23. I was just wondering why Britain's last several PMs have all been right wingers. I can't remember anyone before Tony Blair but it seems like him and every other pm after him has been a conservative.

  24. The orcas in his new pod must have been horrified when he told them what he had suffered through

  25. "Well, listen, pal, you stick with us. An orca like you is what our pod needs. We need an orca to look up to."

  26. From here on out, we're your pod. It's all killin' seals and swimming long distances. Come on, champ. Let's go.

  27. You shit all over your bathroom and then pump your fists in triumph about it?

  28. His lawyers are clearly impressed with him.

  29. Thus guy is definitely a descendant of a British criminal sent to the Australian penal colony in the days of yore

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