1. How is this so highly rated? Between the slideshow npcs and the mediocre mount I'm so disappointed.

  2. You know you can transfer saves individually after the initial transfer right?

  3. Yeah, I traded the lite in at ebgames, I realized once I got home that I'd forgotten, got my animal crossing island back from the cloud save, so stoked that wasn't lost too.

  4. I just started Splatoon 3 (and my first foray into the series as a whole), and the matchmaking seems awful. I'm a very low level and don't have access to that many weapons and gear, but it seems like all my opponents do because they're higher levels. My teams have lost most games so far. Why aren't I being matched with other players with the same experience?

  5. Turf War matchmaking prioritises finding matches quickly over assembling balanced matches. Yes, it's awful.

  6. Totally agree! Great synopsis of the problems this show has. We’ll see how audiences react when it actually releases

  7. And reportedly scooby won’t be in it because the show runners think that would make it a “kid’s show”. When this show fails miserably I hope whoever’s making the big decisions learns their lesson.

  8. Good analogy. But hasn’t quantum entanglement already been proven? Why is this proof of entanglement significant then

  9. Very bummed the siblings were sent home. I definitely felt it was stronger than the doctors build.

  10. Agreed. Drew and Miranda had plenty of windows around their build and opening flaps, so the judges' criticism that they couldn't see inside isn't really supported. The opening and closing shot of their build also doesn't do them justice, where the editing stays at a top angle so that the inside looks obscured, and this was clearly done to back the judges. Finally (imho) sending home kids vs adults as the first team to go isn't the best choice when kids are the main viewer demographic.

  11. Who do think will be in the finals? I'll give it a guess and say End Game and Witch Doctor

  12. Matpat hasnt played/finished many games for the following reasons:

  13. All of your reasons shift blame onto the audience and that's unjust. The majority of people aren't a**holes and genuinely enjoy his playthroughs and theories. Ironically, you're going against MatPat's thoughts during the classroom scene in Chapter 1, about punishing everyone due to a few bad people. The only remote reason for not playing Chapter 2 would be the Heartbound controversy, which would be petty at this point given it was years ago. But I've yet to hear an explanation from the Theory crew so far. Regardless I'm saddened that they haven't played the next Chapter.

  14. I just found about the Heartbound "controversy" and if it is the reason that GTLive hasn't played Chapter 2, that's incredibly petty and stupid as they're losing out on content. So I suspect (and hope that) there's a different reason as to why that we really don't know yet. I hope they at least play it when more chapters are released.

  15. Someone please help me turn off desktop notifications of random posts like these. I've never commented on this post and it showed up. I've turned off all community alerts and "Reddit talk in your communities"

  16. The only other reason would be that, after seeing what the real world is like this season, he finally wants to grow his powers and the only one with the experience to do that is his dad. But that's assuming it trumps his other concerns that you mentioned.

  17. WHY Am I getting desktop notifications from this community I'm not even part of it! Screw Reddit

  18. I thought I disabled reddit desktop notifications WHY am I still seeing posts

  19. Yes very good. Let the hate flow through you.

  20. Glad I'm not the only one still playing 1.16.5

  21. It depends if your library has native or plugin Java compatibility. I assume your "toy" is a shocker to simulate damage for the person playing. If so, you may want to follow

  22. Would you be open to a dm about this issue? I feel it may be easier to answer my questions that way.

  23. I can answer modding questions, but I don't have experience with external connections like that unfortunately. For that the video will be your best source.

  24. Maybe don’t watch the horror videos? If it’s about supporting him, you can just open them and like them and then click off them.

  25. The problem is nearly every game they play on GTLive now is horror themed. I love Matt and the rest of the theorists, but it's baffling that they don't usually play other game genres when they know a) this will only appeal to a certain set of people, and b) playing horror games repeatedly can get stale.

  26. It depends if you have prior coding experience. If you know Java or have experience with a similar OOP language, then it'll be easier, but be aware that Java in the context of Minecraft will still have a learning curve. Then I recommend:

  27. I’d like to point out that some Vulcans have been able to integrate emotions into their lives, such as the rogue group shown in the Enterprise episode Fusion. Later on in the series we also see T’Pol cope with stronger emotions as a side effect of her Trellium-D addiction, which changed her neural pathways. So I’d argue that voluntary suppression as a result of Vulcan stigma influenced their brain physiology to evolve differently.

  28. Yep - the v'tosh ka'tur I mentioned in my comment above. I also note that their claims might not be as face-value as they seem.

  29. Thank you but that’s why I’m replying to the post instead of your comment. They exhibit some control but not entirely which the episode lays out and the viewer is expected to learn.

  30. do it makes sense, what the bigger question is, is why patien 46 is in the pizza complex? because if we go with eny of the ending of sb, in only 1 the pizza complex is burned and in another you do the srpingtrap boss fight, and in the in-game recordings as well as what matpat said in his video, patient 46 doesnt like dark places in which case the question becomes, if it realllys patien 46, what compels her to come to the pizza comlex?

  31. Actually it’s Vanessa that doesn’t like dark places, Patient 46 is the opposite. I agree it’s weird what would compel them to return to a dilapidated mall though.

  32. This is true. But who’s to say she can’t be both a child and employee. What if, as a hacking prodigy, Fazbear Entertainment hired her? And they didn’t get in trouble for this since it wasn’t public knowledge. It does conflict with the last recording that says she had a “great childhood” which implies she’s older, but it could refer to a more mental divide in which before working for them she had a more carefree life.

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