People should be angry

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5 months ago, GME had a fake pump to $35. 1.5 months ago, GME was trading around $25. How is GME possibly worth less now after they released killer earnings and have a ridiculous balance sheet, with 20% of its market cap coming solely from their cash holdings...🤔🤔🤔

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Gamestop on Twitter OMG

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  1. I'm having an internal debate over whether it actually makes more sense to purchase directly through ComputerShare, or to use a relatively trustworthy broker to purchase shares more rapidly, and more strategically.

  2. Both options work fine, but it depends on how important it is for you to have more control over timing and specific prices. I like to use a broker for larger purchases, making sure to route my order through the IEX exchange, which goes straight to the lit exchange rather than being routed to wholesalers like Citadel. Then I’ll DRS for that wombo combo.

  3. I went to these other two subs and they use the same lingo, same verbiage and think the same outcome is going to happen to them but with none of the fundamentals we have!

  4. It’s part of a psyops campaign to “muddy the waters.” It’s the same reason why MSM rarely talk about GME unless they’re lumping it together with business that are actually failing.

  5. Bribery is legal when the money goes into the pockets of those that make and pass laws.

  6. Where is this karma-to-bean exchange and how do I get those beans?

  7. No no, you have to blame regular people. You know, those of us that don’t manage billions of dollars.

  8. I’m excited for the last of us on PC. Comes out in 4 days.

  9. I normally don’t care about NFTs too much (as in collectibles and such) but that Gmerica pin is sexy haha. Gimme please.

  10. Love following that guy on Twitter. He also has a great taste in NFTs (very bullish stuff haha).

  11. Damnnnn how have I not seen this before? He really nails it on the head here.

  12. The environmental impact part legitimately sucks but I can't blame random celebrities for not knowing that sort of thing, especially because it sure won't be mentioned by the salesmen.

  13. What environmental impact? It’s negligible since ETH is now completely proof of stake, so it doesn’t require mining like bitcoin does.

  14. True, but proof of stake had to yet to be implemented back during the peak of NFT's.

  15. Okay, that’s a good point, although it was something considered an inevitability for years prior.

  16. Strange. You have an example? Where people go actively against FTD? Why can't Dave add ftd to his "we the investor" too? I got nothing against him to be clear, but if we speak about those topics, FTD is the biggest and most influencial thing. The market maker laugh about us if that loop hole isn't closed

  17. Bringing up 5 different proposals to the SEC at once does not make sense. Things have to be addressed one at a time. Brick by brick, we’re getting there. (Remember, the SEC has to be treated like small children, they’re very inefficient).

  18. For me it was “castle on the hill”. Gets me in the feels every time. I hate almost every other one of his songs.

  19. Bc it's not Friday yet. They love letting shit hit the fan on fridays

  20. To be fair, day traders are probably smashing their ketboards in a feeding frenzy over this volatility. I wouldn't be surprised if its 1000 shares traded back and forth 50,000 times

  21. I’ll be honest, I don’t think daytraders trade GME very much. It’s quite unpredictable, and often low volume.

  22. Nice! Scarcity is a good sign. The stock should be illiquid af.

  23. Came to the comments to check if I heard (and understood) that correctly! What’s the over-under on a 50 bps increase???

  24. Margarita Monday naturally leads to liquidity crisis in my pants Tuesday morning on the leather sofa.

  25. Is there any sort of oversight over the CFTC? How can you be aware of risk in the markets and do proper due diligence when swap data is just denied to investors?

  26. Where is this idea of gamestop issuing more shares to save shorts coming from? This is like the third post on this.

  27. Other heavily shorted companies have taken that route, seemingly to help short-sellers 🤷‍♂️

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