1. Personally, while being on Mirena, my skin has cleared up a lot more and I lost 55lbs last year. Different BC treats everyone differently though, it’s a lot of trial and error unfortunately.

  2. That’s really good starting out! I’ve been using workout videos on youtube that I can do in bed as well as sitting and it’s been helping a lot. I’ve heard quite a few peeps have found success in resistance bands with working out.

  3. Space savers - bands, kettlebells, jump rope. I've got all 3 and like them quiteabit. I've just really been struggling to get something going.

  4. I would like to do kettlebells but since my husband and I live in the truck, it’s pretty heavy as is and I don’t wanna tip things further. Lol Jump rope is also out for me because I’ve had too many catcalls while wearing jeans and a tee, I don’t wanna give those types of peeps a reason to record me or take pictures, ya know?

  5. Had a more difficult time going to sleep and staying sleep, felt more hot than usual, for some reason dry mouth came back. That’s about it for me.

  6. If you’re gonna drink soda, why not get a 2 liter and fill up your own reusable cup at home to take to work? It’d save you a lot more money in general.

  7. Saw a post I think on the trucker subreddit of a woman asking about traveling & getting assaulted or raped by her trainer. I was unknowable but directed her to Schneider. I am with my husband, but walking around fuel islands & fuel desks, I haven't been disrespected & really appreciate it

  8. I’m with my husband as well, but have been cat called a few times at rest areas and truck stops—even while I’m walking with my husband. It’s been really frustrating and honestly it freaks me out to go out of the truck at night and I have to ask my husband to go with me because of this. :(

  9. I have an IUD as well and it hasn’t caused any issues for me in terms of hair loss personally, but I also have PCOS along with hypothyroidism. Regardless, I would suggest getting a second opinion.

  10. With their little stripes above their eyes, they look like they’re making this face: ÔwÔ

  11. Ty for the correction, didn’t realize I repeated the same one instead of changing it to the correct form, sometimes the brain goes brrr.

  12. It took me too long to notice Vriska cause I kept zooming in on the circle and being like I don’t see anything xD

  13. Use to starve and then sleep any time I felt hunger. Went almost a week without eating at one point, was sleeping between 15-18 hours a day. I’m doing a bit better about eating nowadays, thankfully. Still depressed af tho.

  14. How many of us women know the male anatomy? I'll bet money that most of us know what a "vas deferens" is.

  15. Isn’t it basically the sperm duct? It carries sperm from the epididymus to the urethra during ejaculation.

  16. Does the hair, skin, and nail gummies have biotin in it? If so and you didn’t take a break from the vitamin a few days before your bloodwork, it could be making your TSH seem better than it actually is. Biotin caused my TSH of 20 to look within normal ranges for my bloodwork and I went off of medicine for a bit because of it, didn’t find out till later that it’s known to interact.

  17. Just tried a few things. Steak tartare, lamb pot pie with bone marrow, and sticky date toffee pudding. Everything was insanely delicious!!

  18. The comments on the post are hilarious, someone even put little cowboy boots on the kitty. XD

  19. Last TSH level was .986, currently on 88mcg. Going next month for readjustment since its getting close. If you’re asking about starting TSH and dosage, I had a TSH of 20 and they started me on 25mcg and moved up to 100mcg for a while.

  20. Interesting, does 88mcg now keep you at that optimal level?

  21. 25mcg helped a little, but its really just to ease ya into it. If you take too much, you can go into hyper, so most doctors will start off on a lower dose.

  22. I’m at 43,000 stones atm. I only buy pink items, and birb clothes—which rarely pop up in shops now since I’ve gotten so many of them. I think I got so many stones cause I sell anything I get in the boxes that isn’t pink. If we could share, I’d give you some. QWQ

  23. I still had issues because I also had untreated PCOS personally.

  24. I actually prefer the hollow ones. They tend to taste better for some reason.

  25. Same here. Was shocked that my husband hated the hollow ones. My mom always got me the ones with long ears and they tasted amazing. :)

  26. Ehh, if I want more chocolate. I’d just buy better chocolate that’s unrelated to Easter.

  27. The cake the 14yo made looks amazing, they have so much skill for being so young. I hope this didn’t cause them to doubt themselves and stop baking. :(

  28. My mom had me a 32, my sister at 40, and my other sister at 41. Wtf??

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