1. Completely not my type, but I do appreciate attention to details in this one!

  2. I'm running extended barrel, agile stock, agency supressor, aim assist laser and 42 extended mag and it's my fav SMG atm

  3. For real, first post of this kind I like! Hell yeah, bring BP like this!

  4. Also when there's boss, make him drop some decent loot FFS

  5. Frontline is a joke. SnD only with mates tho

  6. Alyson is quality! Top quality cosplay, without cheap oversexualised pictures even tho she's gorgeous woman.

  7. Roses are red, I have a DL44 Take a seat young Skywalker 🤔

  8. What if Kubica didn't have his accident? Contract with Ferrari, championship?

  9. Double Deagle loadout for BR, and press show in lobby. 👌 I'm not using them in game, literally did it only for look in menu xD

  10. M13. Last resort weapon, when I'm doing badly in ranked eoth something else, she's comin to the rescue. Been like this since m13 was introduced.

  11. That's not Luger. It looks like Nambu

  12. How do we know it's dead for sure? 🤔

  13. No, she's perfect. I run same loadout ❤️

  14. I have to ask cuz I've seen it in few videos already. How to change my aiming cross (or whatever you called it) to be in this small circle like you have??

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