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  1. If you don’t want to hug someone or have them touch you can can say no and that will be respected.

  2. Why would you have the biggest YouTube fight on 3 weeks build. You guys are just stupid

  3. Yess I can't understand why everyone's saying it's a W for Jake... Maybe it's no win for KSI either to fight swarmz but still. Jake Paul knew exactly what he did when offering Jj the fight and most of the people really fell for it.

  4. KSI fumbled, declined an offer to fight Jake Paul. JJ was also given the chance to come up with the terms, but he still opted to fight Swarmz 💀💀.

  5. It'd be so dumb for KSI to fight Jake for his first fight after years withput promoting the event as much as it'd be possible and without training specifically for him. Definitely not a W for Jake...

  6. Alex didn't try to sell the fight one bit lmao

  7. Completely agree. It doesn't matter if it's only a character cause it still influences a lot of people sadly and just isn't okay in general like wth

  8. Well it wasn't an L, I did enjoy it but it's different to what the sidemen used to film and their old humor which is being enjoyed by mainly the old sidemen fans. Just preferences I think but it'd be definitely cool if they could balance it out a bit

  9. well I'm not sure but I think most of the "good" packs probably

  10. Onu izlemeni ya da takip etmeni önerrim hatalarını ya da hareketlerini görüp soğuyabilirsin denendi ama onaylanmadı daha çok tutuldum belki işe Yarar ama dene

  11. ğwsmslwlaşa valla napsa soğuyamıyorum tamamen (ve çok fazla şey yaptı soğumamı sağlayabilecek)

  12. Umarım hayatın eski neşesi geri gelir kurtulursun bundan. Kötü şeyler yaşıyorsun. Gelecekte gülerek hatırla bu günlerini.

  13. Bunları yapmaya hakkın yoktu. Beni hiç mi sevmedin?

  14. Sıkı kitap okumaya yeni başladım sayılır o yüzden klasikleri merak ediyorum şuan en çok ama onun dışında genelde İngilizce romantik kitaplar yada polisiye falsn da okurum

  15. Benim daha çok romantik var, bildiğin ve sevdiğin Türk yazarlar kimler mesela, yabancı yazarlardan klasikler dışında pek kitabım yok

  16. Biraz düşündüm de şuan öyle yazarlara göre okumadığım için her yazarın en fazla bi iki kitabını okumuşluğum vardır. Hikaye olarak da akışkanlık olarak da Kürk mantolu Madonna kitabını dolayısıyla Sabahattin Ali yi çok beğenmiştim ama. Yabancı olarak da şeker portakalı beni çok duygulandırmıştı. Yani dediğim gibi Türkçede genelde herkesin bildiği ve benim de ilgimi çeken şeyler önceliğim o yüzden sanırım yeni bir şey söyleyemeyeceğim. Sen hangi kitapları yada yazarları seversin? Yabancı önerebileceğin bir şey var mı?

  17. my advice to you is to not think much about it. Like okay for you there’s not meaning in life, accept that and just enjoy the moment, live in the present. Don’t worry about future much because it’ll drive you more crazy. That’s what helped me.

  18. It's just such a Bad feeling because I am able to forget my thoughts and enjoy things but the Moment I realize I get so overwhelmed by those. Maybe the empty feeling is also because of a breakup with the first person I allowed knowing "the real me" and it's like I lost such a big Part of my life and am where i was a year ago before I got to know them. And it was badd..

  19. sorry to hear that bud, i know you don’t wanna hear this but it’ll get better as time passes. I was really suic/idal when I was 16-18, now I’m 21 and I’m more chill. Not because things got easier (got harder actually) but because people just get used to things. :) You’ll meet a lot if people in life and just one sentence from a special person can change your outlook on life. So don’t guve up hope!

  20. My feelings all come in waves so I live with the fear of getting bad again always. So it's nice to hear that you get used to it actually. I do believe too that hope is the most important thing for things to get better but sometimes the anxiety just overcomes me. I hope that it will get better soon.. for you too. If you'd like to talk or just distract yourself from your problems reach out. I'd say that I'm a pretty good listener hahaha

  21. Find something you really need to do before you die, for me that would be travel the world, and then work towards that. Through this journey you will come across many other things that will push you to keep going.

  22. I can't find antthing like that I mean there are of course things I'd like to do but many of them are only good with other people and unfortunately I don't have many friends I really like (and social anxiety which leads to anxiety attacks) or they are not worth baring the pain of this existence.. I really don't know how to move on anymore

  23. I don't know the answer but damn it's so hard to end those relationships when you had your lowest and most beautiful moment with the other person. Still grieving

  24. Gotta look for that silver lining my friend. In case you were looking for a serious answer. Who says you have to let go of the memory? You can hold onto something from the past while still moving forward and living in the present. You can acknowledge that something beautiful happened and came to an end. You can speak about it in passing if something reminds you of that moment. You can feel sad that that beautiful thing ended and still move forward with your present by making new beautiful memories…

  25. that sounded so nice and easy.. thank you. It's a bit difficult for me right now because I just wish for them to come back while I'm still often grieving but I think with time it will come to what you said

  26. Many people say sleep and while it is possibly the easiest way for oneself it's kinda sad for everyone around you who never get to say goodbye.. Still I couldn't think of a more peaceful way

  27. Well I didn't have one but the thing I most commonly heard was that they are much happier after they did their choice so it seems like they are getting better again when in reality they are just relieved that they don't have to live anymore. And often they will talk or joke about it...

  28. You will feel a lot better about life when you let go of controlling other people. If you have a friendship then you have things in common and the relationship that is activity based. When you love someone there is a longing that doesn’t exist for friends. You might want to be around your friends but you don’t want to hug all on them all of the time.

  29. But what if it's between both like I really do want to be near him but then again I'm not opposed to meeting other people in life and I also don't think it'd work out, atleast in this situation? There is no excitement when I think of him but he still is the person I feel the most comfortable with but i am not sure if it isn't just the memories, what we had, and out dreams together.. So I don't necessarily wan't him back but the thought of him loving someone else kinda creeps me out.. Also I feel very lonely without him

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