1. I apologize for wasting people's time. I didn't know what a cornucopia actually was. I just thought it was the fruit.

  2. I’m not sure about it but how did you sign up for this plan? In interested

  3. If you have Medicare A and also some form of Medicaid (like QMB) Humana offers plans that have this. I think other insurance companies may be offering it, too. They're called Medicare Advantage Plans or Medicare Part C.

  4. People where tougher when their immune systems had to fight off god knows what diseases from payphones.

  5. Let's hear a Pink Floyd copycat band. Much more difficult job, though this band came close on this album:

  6. After listening to music with my Sennheiser headphones, sometimes I'll hear really low what sounds like musical ringing tones. These are open headphones, so they let outside sound in, and they have metal grilles that probably contribute to the ringing. I have air conditioning and air purifiers generating white noise in my apartment.

  7. I'm not posting this as a criticism of the employees. I just feel bad that they have to go to work and be there for hours when it's like that.

  8. I would contact Dan Clark customer support to rule out a problem with the headphone, and after that contact Schiit.

  9. I did, they're sending me a replacement cable. Pretty sure the cable isn't the problem but I'll find out.

  10. It might be something with the way the drivers are wired inside the headphones.

  11. The Magni+ is my first headphone amp, and I’m pleased with it so far. I bought the new Modi+ with it (my first standalone DAC) primarily to stream lossless audio from Apple Music. I’m not sure my damaged ears can appreciate all of the subtleties, but this stack sure sounds great for $228. (I bought that OG Loki in early 2020. I first stepped in Schiit when I was looking for a decent phono stage to pair with an old Dual 1229. I ended up with a Mani and bought the Loki with it.)

  12. I would check the humidity in your home. If it's too high (above 50%), you may need a dehumidifier.

  13. So you're telling me, if you live in an apartment building where you are constantly exposed to second-hand smoke from neighbors, and you have a sensitivity to it, you're screwed? Better hope you win the lottery so you can buy a house...

  14. The only thing I really noticed is that it was breezy outside and the power almost went out about 3 times.

  15. Not exactly, but I've dozed off and closed my eyes for a few minutes, and when I suddenly open them again the light in the room will quickly flash for like 1.5 seconds.

  16. I have a pair of V1s that had a similar (if not identical) issue. They were still under AppleCare+, so I took them to an Apple Store. They ran diagnostics, determined they were faulty and replaced them.

  17. Happened to me and I went to an Apple store. They ran diagnostics, said they failed and replaced them.

  18. At my local store a guest complained about the cigarette butts and trash left by the homeless in the area near the benches. Management responded by having the benches removed, lol. Now I see employees and guests sitting on the ground smoking their cigs.

  19. Average monthly total? About $45. But it's been trending down the last few months.

  20. Are you on your computer all the time? I hope it picks up soon, a while back folks were making $200 a month and some other weird figures.

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