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  1. don't give them ideas, they'll require drivers loicences next, which might be a trivial matter in 'murica, but here they're expensive as hell.

  2. Just to be certain I would prefer you do that while reciting the alphabet backwards without a meter, to prove your sobriety.

  3. IIRC the tests are designed to make you fail. Always ask for blood test.

  4. As a fellow amab (I'm enby tho) who now loves cooking, it's definitely weird to suddenly need to cook all your own food without having ever been taught. I got a little bit as a kid because I genuinely enjoyed it and an extra pair of hands making cookies was appreciated, but I still had to learn almost everything myself.

  5. I don't think 3 is good advice for beginners. Sure - with experience I know how to experiment but for beginners following the recipe is probably best bet...

  6. You don't have to follow a stranger's advice on the internet :p

  7. Sure. Once you know more or less how cooking works it can be fun. Especially when I try to cut down on meat I often search for substitutes...

  8. There is no way that they have more that orange cats...

  9. You know, I don't recall medical professionals segregating skin grafts by gender... or any organs for that matter.

  10. This is a horrible thing to do! Don’t push rapists into wells; that’ll contaminate the well. Off of cliffs, walls, or out open windows onto spikes are much better ways to defenestrate the pieces of shit.

  11. Well, I think it is M rated story though...

  12. Trans woman here. I didn't play on ATC and I haven't played in long time. My voice don't pass but my therapist actually recommended online MP to train voice and I used VATSIM for it.

  13. You don’t have to use your real name when you connect to the network if that’s what you’re concerned about. You can connect with your CID in the name field instead.

  14. I'm willing to support him as a stay at home cat but he should contribute somehow! There's definitely more of his hair on the carpet than mine.

  15. I try to explain to my cats that while fur are very nice getting 2 coats per year of natural fur is a bit too much and they should be more ecological.

  16. Is there a mandatory technical inspection for the vehicle in the US?

  17. I didn't ask about the poor because I didn't need to ask how they felt about the poor. As a New Yorker, American attitudes towards people who ride the bus have always weirded me out.

  18. I think it used to be the safest way of getting power. It's pity we haven't been using it for past 30-40 years to combat climate change.

  19. Unfinished technology, extremely dangerous, incredibly expensive so taxpayer money is always required, and we still have no safe place to store nuclear waste. Had we dedicated our country to solar like President Carter proposed, we wouldn’t even be discussing the future of nuclear energy.

  20. I'm concerned that someone I know is a crypto-heathen who worships Wotan. Is an anti-Saxon crusade right for me?

  21. Charlamange will be available next Thursday. Can you leave your phone number, credit card number and address so we can arrange appointment.

  22. To ask people why they are Catholic and see if you're satisfied with an answer. That was my first step to stop being Catholic as I discovered that no one could give me better answer than 'it's tradition'...

  23. The thing that's funny about this is, who the hell actually cares what the church thinks. They say the marriage was bad or whatever. That has absolutely no bearing on anything in real life. A regular family court can order you to pay money, this just says a dude in a dumb hat declares you unmarried.

  24. I'm confused. You aren't just a sex object?

  25. That’s because both parties are to the right of the political spectrum. You don’t actually have a major party that is actually left-wing; the dems are much closer to the centre, but they are still to the right of it.

  26. I think in 1920 in pharmacies the owner was usually chief employee. It would be like saying that partners in law firm don't work s they are owners (or more likely solo practitioner).

  27. People think about electric cars like a fad diet. Cut out the carbon, make it electric, you'll lose ten pounds instantly! The answer is that the sustainable option has always been there, it's the same as it was 40 years ago, and it's hard work. Cars belong on our streets the way that brownies do in our diets - in extreme moderation

  28. I don't think I trust dentist which skipped even basic biology. I had no sex ed and even I know more than him...

  29. I just finished listening to Legends and Lattes and I need an entire collection of low stakes fantasy. I loved this one! If you have any similar books to recommend, I’m in a bit of a book slump.

  30. I’ve read through the Mercy series from start to finish about 3 times, love this series and her character! Fun fact, the author lives about 20 miles from me 😊

  31. I disagree. I hated the 'pack dynamic' storyline and consider her relationship a bit problematic.

  32. I'd seriously look into your local and state laws. Schools can request some medical data, such as vaccinations or anything that they might have to deal with (allergies, a seizure disorder, etc.) but without an urgent reason there's no reason to ask about testicles (only valid reason is perhaps some kind of contagious disease or bug such as lice) and no reason at all to ask about menstrual cycles.

  33. Yeah but i feel like thats the kind of technicality a political ad would use

  34. True. I'm just saying that those two can be used as valid criticism in some circumstances. Not that I would trust political ad.

  35. Ive never worked a 9-5 job, simply because my shift is 12-8 instead

  36. 9-5 is type of job I think not the hours.

  37. Yeah - but without public transport car are necessity not a privilege.

  38. Agree it’s not a right to have a car. It’s a privilege when you show you can handle that. But PT and cycling infrastructure should be there to make it effortless to get around without a car.

  39. OCD can cause people to obsessively worry about something, especially things the person feels negatively about. The boy in the article obsessively worries over whether he might be gay. People in his school are homophobic, and he is scared that he’s gay-probably partially due to internalized homophobia, although I can’t say for sure.

  40. "You see, your honor. I couldn't drive his car without his permission so the fact that police stopped me in his car means he gave me his permission to drive the car. I don't understand why I am accused of car theft."

  41. I mean, there is sort of a movement to present entomophagy (eating bugs) as an alternative to livestock like cows and such as food sources. But it's anyone's guess if they're actually referring to that or just spewing whatever garbage comes into their minds from one minute to the next.

  42. I'd love to switch to insects but currently they are very expensive source of protein in US...

  43. Eh.. I hate Trump and the right, but I don't agree with that sentiment.

  44. I think it's meant to be sarcasm regarding typical conservative approach to justice system...

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