1. Russophobic is the only phobic i am and I’ll wear that on a badge

  2. I wonder if the reason Russia is so obsessed with taking Bakmut is because they need a victory before they announce the new mobilisation. In their mind they think if they secure a victory the will to fight will be reignited

  3. Har inte inte heller druckit på många år. Ett mycket aggressivt sett att få folk att ge upp är att säga att din faster/morbror eller någon annan dog på grund av alkohol. Folk kommer inte fortsätta fråga efter det. Upp till dig om du vill använda det beroende vilken person du pratar med

  4. I din åsikt är Sverige bredd och kan försvara sig mot en potentiell attack från tex Ryssland?

  5. I agree, bring all of your allies. Knowing how dumb they are they will disclose their location eventually and Ukraine gets to bomb them again.

  6. At least these "Ukrainian soldiers" doesn't raise from the dead

  7. All this means is that if Russia uses a nuke, Belarus will be bombed too

  8. The usual suspects voted against it, how shocking

  9. The probably sold it to afford all the dlc for the sims 3

  10. From what I read I think the UAF have evacuated all civilians from Nikopol due to its proximity to the front. Still a war crime but hopefully no civilians were killed

  11. Can’t remember from who and which video. It was one the YouTubers that covers the war. Sorry for being vague but my memory isn’t very good

  12. No need to go anywhere. Ukrainians are on their way. They might be carrying guns but don’t worry about that

  13. At least the class doesn’t have to do any field trips to understand why the Russians are

  14. If we assume that the battalion tactical groups are based on the Russian model that is around 800 men per BTG. They could be bigger, I’m don’t know for sure. If I’m right That would mean they are invading a fortified approach with less then 5000 troops. What could they possibly achieve with that? They must know that it is futile even with Russian support. I just don’t see how this “invasion” will achieve anything and will probably not pull any significant forces from other fronts

  15. The Russians ruined a birthday by attacking. I think it was on April 20th but the name escapes me

  16. They just need to get the washing machines out probably

  17. Yeah the tampons aren't going to wash themselves. You have to share with your comrades

  18. Incompetence and poor intel. That convoy of civilians that was bombed a few weeks ago was probably assumed to be military. Nobody in the Russian army cared enough about Ukrainian civilian to confirm

  19. I think it's the cracks that are beginning to show. For now it's just vocal complaints and people trying to shift blame. When Kherson falls that's when I think we are going to be treated to a meltdown from the Russian side. The loss of Kherson will be such a political and strategic loss that the Russians will not know what to do. Which will lead to much more infighting

  20. I thought of Mario’s death sound when I read “wahhhhhhh”. Mario being dumped by his boyfriend and crying out “wahhhhh” is really amusing to me

  21. Could be a distraction. Keep as much attention away the advance coming from the north

  22. Those last two sentences. Lol, the second army in the world desperately wants to take the equipment used for training just to plug the gaps. That will ensure effective soldiers

  23. You can only say "just try it, bitch," in so many words.

  24. Agreed. “Fuck around and find out” is pretty succinct to me

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