1. I ended up pulling the trigger and bought 3 serum blushes (rose milk, pink nectar, sunset sky) since there was 15% cash back on rakuten today. They ran out of the free gift (hair clip), but that's okay since I don't want it that bad.

  2. Thoughts on their serum blush? I was thinking of getting rare beauty's... but they don't really have a sale aside from Sephora's 20% off soon. But one of the colors I want on Sephora rare beauty is sold out. And value wise, it seems like EM's (15ml vs rare's 7.5ml) will be better. Plus the cash back that you can stack on top of EM's.

  3. I've bought a lot of VS FLL collab for the past 2 years. I have their lingerie, dresses, cardigans, tops. As far as I can tell, all my pieces are surviving through regular wear use.

  4. What about buying a travel sized container and squeezing some into that?

  5. The Goodal vita c serum also helped fade some dark spot I got from scratching my face 😅

  6. My favorite quality tights are from Sheertex. They're based in Canada. I've worn all my pairs so many times. One pair has a small snag in it, but the snag has never expanded further and can still be worn. Barely noticeable!

  7. I used that during a tropical vacation. Very strong white cast. Even noticeable on my pale friend. Feels thick. If you apply it, make sure you let it fully dry first before you hop in the water or it'll just be runny/melting off your skin.

  8. Thank you! Have you used any other a'pieu sunscreens? Especially the sun gel one (light blue)?

  9. No I haven’t tried any of their others. I just bought that one because I needed to bring one on the vacation 😂

  10. I joined bumble and so far no luck. Did you make any friends on bumble?

  11. All of my current close friends I’ve made through bumble. There’s definitely some hit or miss, but it’s doable. An important thing to look out for is for people that live near you otherwise you or the other person can get too lazy to travel the distance for a quick dinner. And of course finding people that like the same hobbies as you.

  12. I have oily dehydrated skin. I always moisturize before I put on sunblock, but I really like Missha's soft finish sun milk. Just like the name of it, it gives you a soft matte finish. I feel like it slightly blurs my pores because it is a bit matte. I like using this bottle when I don't want to put on makeup for a quick errand but still not look like a complete hot mess.

  13. My top stores I always go back to is Victoria's secret, Adore Me, and For Love and Lemons.

  14. I bought something like what you described, and they had it named crop cami. Though you'll have to find one that flares out.

  15. Same :( I tried ordering a clearance body lotion with a free panty with purchase coupon and it didn't work.

  16. Same 😂 I even chatted them and they were like it doesn't stack haha

  17. Bummer :( I was gonna give the free pair to my mom. But I got her a cheap clearance lotion at least.

  18. I own a set and a single Bralette from them, and they do feel very very nice on the skin! however, unless you're from the Bali area where they ship from, be prepared to pay a bunch of taxes and duties upon its arrival. I think I had to pay more than half of my original order price in duties and taxes later on. thus, if you know about these, I'd recommend purchasing from them during sale times. they have pretty nice sales around black Friday for example.

  19. I’m from the US and I’ve never had to pay anything extra outside the initial cart check out. But yes, I would wait for their sale. They often have 30% off. Love Gooseberry’s stuff. I have 3 of their sets.

  20. If they pop off, I would scrape the adhesive off and use my own nail glue to get it to last longer. Either that or add nail glue to the press on but it might feel a bit thick.

  21. I went to Ewha’s language school in 2018. People were mostly 18-26. Though I did have a classmate that was early 30 and one that was maybe 60~ (never mentioned age but she had grey and white hair). And of course mostly women in my class since it is a women’s uni except 1-3 guys in our class of 14ish people.

  22. Check out the Korean brands Romand and Bbia. They have jelly/syrup-y looking nail polishes. I’ve tried the Romand ones. They’re easy to apply and dry fast.

  23. AdoreMe has a similar set called Clera unlined. Though if you do order, make sure to read the fine print since they’re member based. I’ve been using adoreme for 3 years and I love buying pieces from them occasionally.

  24. The thing I like the most about it is that it feels very thin and lightweight. Luckily I haven't had any bad reactions to it. I like to use it for daily use and under makeup. I bought 4 extra tubes during a stylevana sale for about $7~ a tube.

  25. Oh they had this before some time this year. Still haven’t gotten to trying it yet.

  26. I have a google sheet with multiple tabs with the date I received items and the expiration date (if listed) so that I can use things in the order I received them - and then shuffle around to accommodate early expiry dates. Sure, it's overboard, but I love spreadsheets and data :)

  27. Thanks this is a good idea. I have a spreadsheet too, but it’s just to keep track of how much product I have. I should start adding dates to it.

  28. Anyone ever seen a better deal? I enjoyed the youth mud I got from the boxy charm shop, but even at BOGO, it feels expensive for my budget. I'd usually do something around 100ml for $20ish.

  29. Does anyone know if they've ever had the new tease sugar fleur scent available as a rollerball? I thought I saw it before... but now it's not available.

  30. Thanks! I ended up subscribing and getting this box. Any stuff I don't want I like giving away as gifts. The Kiehl's wash off mask is great. I'm on my 2nd jar now. The cheapest I've bought the mask for is $19, so it's a great deal with all the extra stuff to try.

  31. I placed an order back in Nov 2020 for two jars of the mask (4.2floz) $19 each. Kiehl's often has BOGO too, though you do have to wait for it since they only have select products for BOGO. So the mask isn't always available among the BOGO products. At BOGO it would be $20 each.

  32. I ordered it two days ago and now I’m waiting for tracking movement. Worth it for me even though I had to resub. I got the $10.50 cash back tracked with top cash back so I basically got the monthly box for free with the code box10 to discount it to $10.

  33. I know it’s been a year but how long did it take u to get ur package?? cuz I’m inpatient and they shipped my package today!

  34. Sorry it's been too long to remember and the tracking number isn't working any more.

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