GGG's attempt to significantly extend playtime may be backfiring this league, because completing all 36/38 challenges is usually what keeps me playing long each league, but this time around the challenges are so daunting and time consuming, I feel like is pointless to even try.

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Toni Rüdiger: Dear Chelsea

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[Post Game Thread] The Boston Celtics blow out the Miami Heat in a 127-102 win to even the series 1-1, behind a 27 point performance from Jayson Tatum.

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  1. Main goal of RBR is winning WDC. Their best bet right now is with Max. I love Checo, probably my favorite driver on the grid right now, but they absolutely did the right thing. I do however hope that he uses this to get his payday.

  2. Just found one in ssf. Any opinions on whether it is worth investing in shrine nodes on the atlas tree for gull shenanigans? Syncretism and Supplication at least seem good. Curious about those covetous shrines as well.

  3. Everyone else seems to just think its an auto-use, but IMO its pretty build dependent. Hit builds that scale with attack and cast speed benefit from it the most. It is still helpful for other builds like traps, but not as much. The implicit you get from the ichors are insanely powerful, and at a certain point mean more to your character than a shrine while mapping.

  4. Always go for 36 or 40 ever since I started back in Incursion. Last league was pretty fun and managed to get 40, and kept playing even a bit after.

  5. Those vortex are so annoying when they are near invisible with all the other clutter.

  6. Hahaha people are so salty about Max winning.

  7. Even if you dislike him, how can anyone not look at what Hamilton does and not be amazed sometimes.

  8. Wtf was that stop strat for max

  9. As a Chelsea fan I so wanted him to succeed alongside Benzema. It’s hindsight now, but it was a great move when he left.

  10. They can stay 2x2 if they dropped already IDd. Hell even make them 3x3.

  11. It felt like he played better after the miss because he just became so angry. He did get roughed up a ton, and only started getting the fouls called on him later on in the game. Wonder if Tuchel will even sub him on next game.

  12. The attack of the bee at the end was hilarious.

  13. These god damned onion cutting ninjas, get them outta here.

  14. Players have ups and downs with good and bad games.

  15. I agree with the new hero for ow2 orisa part. But maybe give ow1 orisa some mobility. Her doing mcrees roll would be hilarious.

  16. Oh my god, imagine a double jump orisa. New ability to squish.

  17. We've had a good season, we're just bottlers.

  18. For those of you who had bought the tickets for the US games in the past, how quickly do they sell out? I have family in Charlotte and was hoping to visit them and go to the game at the same time.

  19. Bought mine for Orlando today and there were still plenty left.

  20. We’re you part of some membership that gave you the code to access the tickets? I just got a pop up that asked for my email and would get notified when there are updates.

  21. This was basically Silva vs LC.

  22. Please sub off Kante or we will be stuck with 10 soon. I know its Attwell and he loves watching chelsea players get injured, but is that the 1st foul given to Puli this game?

  23. Why is there such a HUGE disconnect between GGG and what the players want. Is it truly a case where they know what’s better for the game? The immunity especially when these mobs have other archnem mods, is just so annoying and might be even worse because the other enemies around it will just bend you over.

  24. Man this league is so difficult for ssf. In trade league, you can at least farm easier content, buy things from content that are difficult, block them, easy. In ssf, you have no choice but to engage with them all. Right now I'm stressing out over the state of essence and harvest. These two are my most important mechanic in ssf for crafts, yet they are so bloody rippy and takes much longer than before. In retrospect, Sentinel league felt even harder than Expedition league to me, and that one was a direct nerf to players with gutting support gems and flasks. And I'm playing top meta build.

  25. The rewards and crafting with recombs is amazing. Same with the blocking content to increase harvest crafts. Granted I’m playing poison seismic trap, and still using gear I had in white maps, but I’ve been able to do almost all the non Uber bosses without any issues.

  26. They lost 6-0 to Chelsea, and you think this is their worst?

  27. New MTX death footprints. You go backwards, you die.

  28. Exactly what we need right before two most important games of the season. Fantastic.

  29. Einhar essence mods with sentinel. I want to cry.

  30. What are the chances that the diarrhea was related to Fight Milk.

  31. I have no issue with Lewis’s post, hope it helps someone who sees it since he tends to post stuff like this. I just don’t get why it’s on this sub. If it was a one off thing sure I can understand it being posted here on Reddit, but his stuff is littered here.

  32. He was okay when he was on the Manning cast. The length of the contract is what doesn’t make sense to me. On the other hand when you have the best player of all time with that much game knowledge and the opportunity to grab him, why wouldn’t you.

  33. Given all the players with one foot out the door right now if we get decimated in the cup final, I could see us crumble and not even get a point from Leicester or Watford. Our squad just seems tired of this season. Hopefully I'm totally wrong, Lukaku just dominates and we make it in by winning it all.

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