1. I eat pusy like some pepperoni Domino's I eat booty at my grandpa funeral fckin' btches high on coke I fck fat hoes, I f*ck short hoes, I'ma take that ho

  2. For years, I blamed Poison Ivy for horrific outbreaks I was getting on my skin. Eradicated my yard of it. It was getting in the way of some pretty white wildflowers I was cultivating, anyway.

  3. Probably all that Ramen, making you go on to the toilet quite often.

  4. You need a couple of Freddie's, aka Cellar Spiders. Harmless critters that will hunt the Recluse for you, happily ☺️

  5. I didn't know cellar spiders hunt recluses. I have a ton of cellar spiders. They hide under my bed and corners of my closet. I live in pa so it's not really a problem for me.

  6. No. No copper tools unless you have a pack that makes them but not in vanilla, no.

  7. Thank you, what is the point of it then?

  8. My pap told me he was changing some bushing. Instead he decided to do body work and caught the car on fire.

  9. Wesley is too old...I'm for a new actor taking the Helm I just hope they keep it R rated and same goes for Deadpool...I understand that Disney is a kid friendly family company but they need to understand their target audience...we want the blood and foul language and dirty humor and violence...not singing and dancing and morals...lol

  10. He is not too old. He is in newer films and he looks essentially the same. Maybe 5 years older.

  11. I think Wesley is 60, and the implication of having him play Blade again would be messy to say the least regarding the original 3 meshing with MCU. Ali is the best casting for a total reboot - but I DO hope that they give Wes a cameo now that they’ve shown the willingness to incorporate earlier films characters as fan service.

  12. Blade house of chthon was horrible.

  13. I think it was some kind of bug that got a parasite.

  14. Yes, unless you're not capable of doing the mod you plan to do.

  15. Fortunately I've never got a rash or anything from a tick. I never had a tick on me until I was like 22.

  16. Neither, they're new to the workforce.

  17. https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Post-Install/gpu-patching/intel-patching/busid.html#parsing-the-framebuffer

  18. Thank you. I have a huge headache trying to figure this out.

  19. Same here. I pray he is alive and safe. Did see him comment in the 'Community' section of his YouTube channel 6 months ago. Not sure why he isn't posting right now.

  20. He seems to disappear for like 6-9 months. Release like 10 videos or so and fall off the face of the earth.

  21. Haha, noted! Maybe I'll give it a shot if I find more of these funky beasts in there

  22. You have to take some regulars of the opposite sex and put them with this one. Good luck sexing them though.

  23. Mine just refused to work with my lights this morning. Had to manually turn them on, and on my phone in the app I can see them, and even what their levels are, but just get an "error" when trying to change the output.

  24. Same, I even tried reconnecting them to google home but it's not working. I'm guessing the service is down...

  25. No I mean the babies from this post.

  26. That sucks. I finally got my wild caught armadillidium vulgare to have babies. I catch them with my daughter but we rare find those. I have some special orange scabers that we breed with selective breeding.

  27. Nice. I still use my old 27" iMac10, 1 [late 2009]. Only upgrade I've done is increase the ram to 16gb. If you want to dual-boot Linux or something let me know

  28. I'm on 10.7 but to update to catalina I need 10.9. I was able to do the security update and tried to update safari but it said it couldn't. Any clue how I can fix this to get 10.9?

  29. I just did a fresh install of Catalina today actually. I used this method.

  30. I got it up and running on catalina and upgraded to monterey. I did the patcher but for some reason hdmi doesn't work the screen just goes black.

  31. The a1343 charger will work with the adapter. The proper charger for that model is

  32. Thank you. I believe catalina is the highest os supported. Do you know of a guide for that? I know you have to install an older os (mavericks maybe?). Do you know of a good guide foe that?

  33. Probably a bacteria or a fungus try putting aquarium salt in there and do frequent waterchanges

  34. I've been doing that and it looks mostly healed. If it doesn't go away I'll put some methylene blue

  35. That's not bad and if you did then no need to really worry. You can always drop target temps down in dash launch. I think by standard I drop each by 12c.

  36. I'm not sure how to do that. Not really sure what it does either. Will that help it stay at a lower temp or shut it off at a temp higher than previously set? This is without the case attached BTW, just the shell.

  37. If you download and install dashlaunch to download the he Xbox hdd, you can go in and configure the target cooling temps and patch function such as region free etc.

  38. Oh alright. Thank you. I'll have to do that. I have dashlaunch mostly to boot aurora and play xbla.

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