1. For computers storing data by date yyyy/mm/dd makes the most sense but for everyday life dd/mm/yyyy is better

  2. I couldn't zoom in enough to recognize that.

  3. Facing away from camera and this was taken down south in western australia

  4. Sometimes people don't realise they're trans until later in life.

  5. What? Nah OP’s clearly implying that they “realised” they were trans before we even met and already did the transition

  6. Then they need to stop and all stare at the camera at the same time. Up the creep factor by 10

  7. This is a screen recording from a tiktok trend, at the end of all those videos they stare at the camera to the line "all eyes are on you" in a song. Creeps me out every time

  8. Could you send me one of the original videos of this trend

  9. They don't perfectly line up with years btw, I'm a rat but born in january 2009.

  10. Tell them you pee lying down, see how they respond lol

  11. This isn't an easter egg. This is a feature that someone purchased a domain to convert into this "funny" easter egg-like third-party thing (except it's gotten really old and not at all funny anymore).

  12. Just realised that they turned into a game as well lmao

  13. Fuck i was gonna comment all of them but someone beat me to it. Standing by my word tho

  14. Lmao ‘name calling’, bro… imagine thinking that getting called out for being homophobic is name calling. Farrrrk me dead cunt

  15. tell me you're australian without telling me you're australian lmao

  16. I said sadness but now that I'm thinking about it I think horniness would suit me better

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