1. Lolol I see plenty of women stream without makeup all the time. You're just making excuses.

  2. He never did? And just want to let you know there are quite a lot of males that use Vtuber avatars.

  3. Damn wish I was born in the 90s, would of loved to grow up with a show like this lol, looks very entertaining just based off of the intro.

  4. Doubt it since it's market is community ran basically. Ow2 was just a "it's free now so let's make everything a microtransaction". Should just allow the devs more freedom with upds in the future and possibly better optimization?

  5. User error tho, can't really have this happen unless you're extremely stupid.

  6. Would've been funnier if it ended the moment the first leg came into frame.

  7. Kind of crazy how they’re able to keep so many axes in their pockets

  8. Are you sure it's in their pockets?...

  9. Gotta have a good drink with your food y'know?

  10. Quickest way is to delete certain folders then repair the game.

  11. replying to a 5 month old reply just to say that this worked, if anyone has any issues after installing a mod just do this! :)

  12. I thought the bottom was the filtered version.

  13. Def need to try an atk speed beserker, looks really fun ngl

  14. Happened on my first playthrough, also seen a lot of new players get struck too lol

  15. Isn't this patched? I gave it a go a while ago and it never worked.

  16. I think these are pretty good suggestions, but imo I don't think the grind is that bad, had a lot of fun exploring and doing random side quests (non repeatable ones) that I found on islands. A lot better than repeating a singular quest like hoe most other games on roblox do it.

  17. Nahum you got it wrong, it's "This games a bandit beater" then they head off to play GPO.

  18. I believe it's call of duty. Which one? I really don't know, I stopped playing cod years ago

  19. You find me a decent affordable mechanical keyboard that doesn't come with RGB lighting then!

  20. Couldn't you just turn it off? Should look at keychron btw

  21. Saw a similar video like this, except white eyes was in the water at the end

  22. I had this happen and it was terrifying, literally dropped straight on him.

  23. Sorry for not listing my specs btw:

  24. What is the difference between 680fps and 400fps?

  25. I don't care much because it's still above 144, was just wondering if it was normal.

  26. I know this isn't a straight answer but if you head over to the Virtual Desktop discord they have a command that shows some good routers specifically good for wireless pcvr.

  27. I don't think the bosses themselves are hard it's mainly the arenas and Elius's annoying 2nd phase aura.

  28. Wouldn't an auto clicker or something like tiny task work?

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