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  1. I'm exactly 166 as well and the ninja 650 fits me perfectly.

  2. Yes!! The swimsuit will reduce greatly the energy you need to swim my making you more buoyant, it will also allow you to take it easy for a little while without spending energy to stay afloat.

  3. Have you confirmed in triathlon settings that the sports are "open water swimming", bike and run instead of pool swim?

  4. Sounds like textbook overtraining to me. I'd stop training right now for a week or so and see if the symptoms continue.

  5. I've trained in both 15 and 25 meters pool and the difference is absolutely notable, but my advise would be to go with the gym that you'll be able to be more consistent with, that will make a bigger difference than the pool size.

  6. I'm not even considering another answer to this question, I've made up my mind, thank you.

  7. And it's gonna be a fine swell day

  8. It looks like it's tougher than it actually is because the video is at a slow pace to make it easier to follow

  9. I'd be surprised if the aero gains you'll be making on the Tribike are bigger than the time and legs you'll save by having a lighter bike for the uphills.

  10. Loved his performance, but Militao was the MOTM for me.

  11. I have used this feature on the Epix myself, I've always got a map screen and to get back home whenever I ride into confusing places I know exactly what my route was and how to get back.

  12. Is the biker guy on his knees because he's hurt or because he knows the financial pain coming to him?

  13. Regular people shouldn't be accountable for the insane amounts in a crash if someone decides to drive in the equivalent of a 300M2 house.

  14. No fixes to the strength training workouts?? It always defaults to the workout exercise list, super annoying.

  15. Does anyone know how far in advance do tickets for the Bernabéu matches will be available to purchase? What if I have the Madridista card?

  16. This sounds like the most least pointless race ever. Love it .

  17. Epix would be the best for me, but it may not be the best value for money having the 955 at half the price

  18. If this happens in the office I have no other choice but to bother my coworkers stopping them from doing work.

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