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  1. mas falso esto, la cerveza tendria que estar en el puesto 1, y reposado tequila? que es eso

  2. Spirits=Alcohol fuerte o destilados

  3. And that's why their own team forced them out of the stadium. Fuck those people that try to ruin my club and the sport I love, not to mention society.

  4. Colts were 33 points ahead against the Vikings... Do I really need to say that again??

  5. En primer lugar, ir a la universidad es una oportunidad que te dará conocimientos que ni sabes que serán útiles. También habrán asignaturas difíciles que tienen como propósito desarrollar tu cerebro más que aprender contenidos. Sólo por esas razones iría, pero más aún, las empresas suelen tener preferencia y filtros respecto a la educación que ha recibido un candidato, es posible que ni consideren tu candidatura si no has ido a una buena universidad. Aparte se pasa bien :)

  6. No one is better at doing exactly all the things you like just like you like them

  7. Se pilló en el acto a un pirómano que terminó quemando más de 600 hectáreas en el campo de un conocido. Lo dejaron en libertad por "falta de evidencia".

  8. Think of all the catering you can get if you don't spend on livery

  9. The James Joyce is always a cool place to watch the superbowl. Make sure to call to check wether it will stay open throughout the entire game

  10. Well, passing could also be a given

  11. El artículo parece de pago, por lo que no puedo verlo entero.

  12. Qué beneficios fiscales, coberturas y beneficios ofrece el estado a padres? Me interesa el tema llegando a la edad de tener hijos.

  13. Because the counterpart of the surgery isn't doctors and staff not being payed, it's having a universal healthcare system that means that no one that needs a surgery will be left without it.

  14. I joined this sub after watching this game by chance. :) Found a new sport to watch and I don't understand how the Aussies lost this after doing so well early.

  15. My view is that Australia never really had control over the game, they had brilliant counters but Germany dominated the ball and spent way more time in the opposite circle.

  16. Where was Gondor when I get a chance to be a good time to time sweetie 🥰😘

  17. Germany Belgium will be a good one for sure.

  18. Napoleonic wars must be on the pipeline somewhere

  19. I've experienced quite a lot of fogging with these goggles from the third usage onwards, and that brought me considerable issues while competing in open waters. I'm not sure if using a spray is the solution there, but just something to have in mind.

  20. Los vemos la próxima semana en la siguiente, saludos!

  21. El rol del gobierno cada vez es más de esquivar problemas diciendo "no fui yo" a dar ninguna solución. Vergonzoso.

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