1. Never really participated in Clan Matches before, do you have to play with clanmates or can you just go in solo with randoms?

  2. If youre in need of a clan i have space in mine and im looking to participate in this clan match. My clan tag is: HXH

  3. This is what they’ve always wanted and their ultimate goal. This isn’t a joke, this isn’t her being hyperbolic, anti-gun nuts sincerely believe that no one except for the armed goons of the government should have guns. Take them seriously when they show us who they are and what they want.

  4. At some point people like this should be locked up and the key thrown away. His long history of arrests demonstrates that he has no interest in contributing positively to society, and law abiding people shouldn't have to live with the consequences of that.

  5. Have you seen the video about the one guy who’s stolen at least 100 cars? I dont remember his name but the organizer of one of the groups that helps people recover their cars made a video about this specific guy who keep stealing cars and getting right back out of jail to do it again.

  6. is it that people dont have the Kshatriya or the Dag Doll, or that they don't use em cuse Unicorns?

  7. Kshatriya has a huge hitbox and I only like using it on certain maps or with trusted skilled teammates who will go after the raids. I don’t have DD. I honestly prefer to us my lvl 2 HSFAK for 700 because it has a much smaller hit-box than Kshatriya and can also do ballistic damage instead of just beam.

  8. This is support life 75% of the time.

  9. Laugh all you want anti-vax heretics, but this Phaithful disciple of scientism will spend the rest of eternity pure from sin illness while you all will spend eternity burning in a Wuhan inflicted respiratory hell with your orange Cheeto Satan (who will soon be arrested for destroying our democracy🙌)! REPENT NOW! ACCEPT PFIZER INTO YOUR LIFE! ACCEPT THAT PROPHET FAUCI SACRIFICED FOR OUR SINS!!

  10. The overwhelming majority of firearm deaths of any kind are also from pistols.

  11. Because its their Jenga strategy of a complete ban by removing one type of gun or accessory at a time until nothing is left. First they came for the full-autos, but I didn’t speak up because I didnt own a full-auto, then they came for the the AR-15’s, but I didn’t speak up because “no one needs a weapon of war”, then they came for the pistols, revolvers, single shot Derringer, etc. until all guns are banned.

  12. Well done. So many knee-jerk retards are parroting the lies being fed to them.

  13. They want to believe the lies. They want to find (or manufacture) any “evidence” they can to support their arguments to gun grab. To the anti-gun nuts, it doesn’t matter that if they facts aren’t on their side, it doesn’t matter that “gun free zones” just make them a bigger easy targets for shootings.

  14. We are ruled by authoritarians who at best, think we are like dumb children who need them to paternalistically nanny our entire lives…..or at worse they hate us and view us as useless eaters who should own noting, have zero privacy or rights, eat bugs and be happy.

  15. A republican not giving a shit about children getting shot. I can’t believe it! /s

  16. Do you own a car? If so you do know how many children have died in car accidents? Turn your car into the police (maybe through a “mandatory buy back” program where they’ll give you a $100 gift card for your $10000 car) because someone else got into car accidents and killed children.

  17. Car insurance, Licenses, Traffic police, Points systems

  18. My goodness, you’re too dense to realize that I’m satirizing the very same fallacious argument so many of you gun control supporters make!

  19. It's not even just because they count young adults, it's mostly because they count suicides. The leading cause of death even with that age group isn't "guns" (an inanimate object is a noun and definitionally cannot be a verb-cause) it's suicide, followed by vehicle accidents, followed by gang related violence.

  20. And they count justified police shootings and possibly even justified civilian self defend shootings.

  21. Remember back when “arson” and “grand theft auto” (the IRL kind) were phrases spoken in hushed tones and held in similar regard to serious offenses like bank robbery?

  22. Some people just dont want to admit their policies dont work and lead to this. There has to be consequences to negative anti-social criminal behavior, or else the culprits will keep committing crimes. I have my critiques of the prison industrial complex and cops, but I don’t want to live here if thieves can freely steal my car/CAT every week and next to nothing is done about it.

  23. Compared to the rest of the country, Trimet is pretty awesome. Compared to other international world-class cities, Trimet can be a piece of crap with it's delays and inconsistency. Waiting outside in a bus stop for 20 minutes when it's 40 degrees and raining sucks. However I still like Trimet and use it half the time I'm going to Beaverton, Downtown or NoPo. Traveling to other major European and Asian cities really makes you embrace public transit.

  24. I have also recently noticed how dirty the MAX is and I’m pretty surprised.

  25. ATF's State Laws and Published Ordinances - Firearms (34th Edition)

  26. For State and Federal are you wanting laws for assault, battery, robbery, terrorism and other actions while using a rifle, shotgun, disguised gun or pistol (firearm)?

  27. Everything. So I can know for my own knowledge and also direct others to in conversations about gun laws.

  28. It's because most supports are teammates dependent, your survivability is mostly relying on your teammates competency and it's ridiculous if you play this game solo in a support relying on randos everytime. It's better to play support with someone who understands them.

  29. Interesting experiment you’re doing, I applaud it 👏. I am a support main and how set up my custom parts is by using 3 build types; purely offensive, purely defensive, and a balanced middle ground. I found I get the best results from one of these.

  30. PPB didn’t get defunded but without a doubt the protests played a part in what’s going on with PPB now. PPB and Ted claim that they are severely under staffed (very few people want to be a cop in Portland supposedly due to the popular acab sentiment here) and that’s why response times are delayed and so much crime is not being prevent/solved, however many people suspect this may not be the case (or at least not the entire case).

  31. Yes. They sincerely believe that lawful gun owners who have never unjustly harmed anyone in our entire lives are worse than the mass shooters. Hell there’s videos of democrats verbatim saying that “Alex Jones is worse than Adam Lanza”, simply for questioning what happened. Adam Lanza being the psychopath who killed the kids and staff at Sandy Hook.

  32. One thing I like to challenge as a hardline 2A advocate is the prescription that “everyone should own a gun”. Honestly everyone should NOT own a gun, and someone who would go on to commit a mass shooting is a perfect example of those who shouldn’t have guns. But I don’t support draconian laws that are alleged to target these individuals but that ultimately will be used against all gun owners.

  33. Oooh, no, that doesn't fit the narrative. If they did that, it would be much harder for them to try and tug at the heartstrings of the wine mommies, trying to make them think it's all toddlers finding a gun, or school shootings. In fact, finding solutions to organized crime would really muck up all kinds of other grifts.

  34. Exactly! These gullible white liberals are so easily manipulated and hysterical whenever a big shooting happens. The media hypes it up and gets the liberals all riled up, the liberals then become completely unhinged and make all kinds of insane emotional appeals and want all guns banned, then they play this ridiculous game of trying to emotionally blackmail all legal/peaceful gun owners and say crap like, “you care more about your guns than dead children!”.

  35. The CDC numbers were also filterable by age and you could very clearly see that lumping adults into the children category makes the number go significantly higher. There’s not an insignificant number of firearm deaths among 15-17 year olds that may need to be addressed but firearms are still not even close to the highest.

  36. And the CDC suspiciously fails to include where those 15-17 yr old gun deaths are overwhelmingly coming from; places like CHICAGO where black teens in gangs are killing other black teens in gangs! And there’s also some civilians there in the wrong place wrong time that get killed too. But that completely unravels the democrats narrative!

  37. No but limiting access to firearms will. Our police need to act as they do in the UK. Guns are needed when they are needed. Not until then. You say crickets, but have given nothing. So have fun with your propaganda and gullible life. Peace

  38. You’re more than welcome to pack up and move to the UK if you don’t feel save in America. Thankfully when you move there you’ll only have worry about getting acid thrown on you or stabbed to death.

  39. And then they'll give them some of the worst defences and stagger resistances in the game, they'll have next to no melee resistance and have mid to low resistances to beam or ballistic, sure they have great range attack but when half the weapons are stop to fires or are just outright unsuable since you get staggered over and over again it never really amounts to much

  40. And we can’t dodge roll out of the stun locks like the blues and reds can😩

  41. Yup, it’s a hard life playing supports. BB regularly treats supports like the bastard step child, while raids get favoritism.

  42. This woman comes off as insane on a wide variety of topics and yet she's a practicing doctor. I wonder if she's lost patients due to her showing the public just how crazy she is.

  43. It’s not that she merely comes off as insane, she in fact IS INSANE and should not be in any position of power.

  44. You're free to believe whatever you want about yesterdays shooting. Whether it was a conspiracy, a demonic ritual, or just some self-centered evil asshole taking out their own failures on others, this much is for certain:

  45. While it is certainly true that the government is manipulating us to fight each other, there are legitimate conflicts between some of us. People pushing for gun control and effecting legislation are legitimately endangering the lives of lawful/peaceful gun owners who oppose their draconian laws.

  46. I lost all respect for the Libertarians based on their Ukraine stance. Abject cowards.

  47. I take it that you’re currently in Ukraine fighting for them then right?

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