Is anyone a little unnerved how men on Reddit seem to believe women are constantly receiving compliments and all have a great circle of close friends? And what’s with thinking we get free stuff?

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  1. better be pick-me than an angry and resentful feminist

  2. "better to angrily hate on women and contribute to their oppression just to further stigmatize yourself in the process for male attention than to be angry at the system itself for oppressing women in the first place"

  3. yeah, and probably having a great alcohol tolerance where they were very obviously conscious whilst doing so too. also, what about all the cases where the woman doesnt immediately report it (like most cases)? then the "defendant" can just claim such and theyd have no way to disprove him

  4. No, I don't. Because those things don't sound detrimental and it was in the humor section.

  5. bro why r u even on this sub 💀. just go suck some more fart takes out of ben shapiros ass and leave us be goddamn

  6. I'm on this sub because I like laughing at the ignorant males that don't know how girls work, duh. I enjoy how much we as men truly don't know about females because we're not one. I only know as much as I do from the closer relationships with girls comfortable with me enough that they casually tell me these things.

  7. im confused on this one. isnt memory foam a good analogy since after sex/masturbation it does go back to how it was before? like thats how memory foam works. im confused as to why this is a bad analogy (not that we need any analogies in the first place but yeah)

  8. no no no NEVER use silicone lube and silicone (or other soft materials) toys together as it will degrade them and can be dangerous!

  9. My friends and I were hanging out playing cards late at night a few years ago and the topic of how to kill someone came up (ider why but whatever). Well, someone brought up choking and a few others joked about being into it and my friend was arguing with them about how there's a difference between how to choke someone sexually and violently. She turned to me and grabbed my throat to show them the difference and yeah....found out I was into that

  10. Oh, same, I've ranted about this a million times. You're not crazy. Years ago I did a reading challenge and ended up reading just under 300 titles in one year. For giggles, I kept a spreadsheet with all kinds of details— including MC hair color. IIRC over a quarter of the FMCs had red/auburn/strawberry blonde hair, which is absolutely ridiculous. Most common? You guessed it, blonde.

  11. im stealing this idea and am going to make a spreadsheet of all the female protagonists i can remember reading now lmao. thank you for the idea!

  12. I tell my husband his eyes are “like the sea after a storm” just to make him blush.

  13. Does that include your father ?

  14. im pretty sure they meant it like "the type of men making these don't deserve to breathe" not all men

  15. Her face is etched in my face, and I cant giver her that. Not again, and its unfair to both of us to take this forward. And you are right, I have to do it sooner than later and only then we can go through the stages of pain and healing will start. I just wish it was easy.

  16. Is this the only reason you're considering breaking up? If so, I would communicate with her that you want to see her as passionate as it was during the threesome. Surely, there are other ways that it can be exciting for you both to spice things up. It doesn't necessarily mean anyone is doing anything wrong, it could just be that certain areas of your sexual life haven't been explored yet. I would seriously consider talking to her about this if it's the ONLY reason you want to break up when you were planning to propose.... Are you sure there isn't something more going on?

  17. There's still some stigma about oral on women in many cultures and in "western" ones it's only been kinda destigmatized for a few decades, if that. Many women, myself included, are insecure about anything regarding our vulvas at all because of growing up being shamed for it in some fashion. (I.e, guys making fish jokes, beef curtains, etc.) In my experience, by the time many women my age reach adulthood and start having sex, they're insecure about it altogether, even outside of sexual contexts. Many (not all) guys also are very vocal about how gross they find the act to be which doesn't help either...

  18. Sounds like you're looking for a fortepiano (fp) with a crescendo written in after - the fp will give you the attack (or you can add an accent over the top) and the crescendo will take care of the rest.

  19. do you know what the term is for this? i couldve sworn there was one but im not finding it anywhere now... (also sorry i know this post is old lol)

  20. this is always one of the craziest viewpoints ive seen redpill incels have that somehow has gained general popularity. they act as if sex itself is bad and us having "access to it more easily" [debatable] means we are worse than those who don't???

  21. When I was 13 yo, my doctor at the time was really rough with me during a Pap smear. When I told her that she was hurting me, she pointed at my chart and said that I obviously didn’t complain when I lost my virginity. I lost my virginity to rape when I was 9. That was in my medical chart. I also bled for 3 days after that Pap smear. Refused to see her again and it took me a few years before I let another doctor touch me.

  22. I'm so sorry that happened to you :/. I can relate, a little too closely actually since I had to get that kind of test done after I had been raped around 9/10ish. Idk what happened though cause I blocked it out

  23. Same here. I hate the fact that I’m sexually attracted to men being dominant in bed because of existence of people like him. I’ve met one of them.

  24. from what ive seen, these type of men are almost never real doms. they think just being in control and being a sadist is the only concepts they need to follow and conflate abuse with bdsm. that's why they joke about how "fucked up they are in bed" they literally don't differentiate between abuse and consent half the time

  25. If we could harness mental energy, the amount that goes into thinking of ways to control women could solve the energy crisis.

  26. Even beyond that, normal items like clothes and cosmetics are more expensive

  27. and usually the clothes are worse material too in a scheme to get us to buy more. i.e thin clothing = rips fast and need extra coat/cardigan, no pockets = need purse, etc

  28. Making friends is REALLY hard! I moved to a new city and still have made no true friends after 5 years. I have a couple acquaintances I'm working hard on friending, but everyone is so busy at our age or already has their own social circle.

  29. oh my god i thought i was the only one 😭. ive been living here for 3 years and still no success at making friends haha

  30. maybe I'm overreacting, OP, but I was in this EXACT same situation almost word-for-word. I literally said this exact thing to my friends trying to get advice at the time but ensured them that "everything else in the relationship was fine."

  31. that's funny cause as a bi woman i usually hear the exact opposite: that I'm straight and am just "pretending to be attracted to women to be edgy" or something along those lines 🥴

  32. as a bi woman, i absolutely need to be introduced to the composting woodsy liberal women because i think they're my soulmate (if they like women too ofc). like please im simping so hard rn im down bad genuinely

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