1. Is that citrine, or white quartz with some stain/coating?

  2. Apparently there’s been a lot of tradwife types flocking to Kibbe lately and they probably don’t want to see themselves as anything except the most yin IDs. Just a guess but it might influence those spaces.

  3. I remember that before this sub was created, the Kibbe discussion was in a sub called "Feminine, not feminist".

  4. I like how you either have ✨ large, luminous eyes ✨ or a 👃🏼 prominent nose 👃🏼

  5. Srs: since Selena Gomez was verified as TR, I've been doubting everything I thought I knew about the system.

  6. Something that (I think) really helps me keep visual balance are hemlines that hit right at the joints. The

  7. I can't find a source, but I've read many times in this sub that we have to look from the shoulders to the knees to find if we have vertical, so long femurs could contribute to vertical.

  8. Agate is a lovely stone on its own. It's a shame that some sellers think only about profit and sell dyed agates as other crystals just because agate strands are the cheapest available. Amethyst isn't expensive either.

  9. Grace Kelly may have eaten plain chicken breast, but you BET that it was served on a beautiful gold trimmed

  10. I found that the system works once you know your ID. That's the tricky part; for some people it's easy and quick, and for others it takes even years, not to mention people who think they're one ID but later realize they were wrong (myself included). It's a personal journey, not a standardized test. We're not professional typers or anything like that either, but many users really want to know other people's opinion about themselves and that's why Type Me posts are still allowed. Sometimes it's helpful and sometimes it's detrimental, only you and David can know the correct answer, so it's entirely possible that the people who said you're FN were wrong. I would suggest you to join the Strictly Kibbe Facebook group, but you've made it clear that you don't want to waste your precious time on this bullshit.

  11. Some people are flexible and think that 1 extra inch is "not that much", but I would say that 2 inches is definitely over the 5'7" limit for vertical (and 3 inches from the SN limit) so you should look into D, SD or FN.

  12. The only somewhat useful picture for Kibbe is the first one, and the only thing I can pick up is that you have vertical. At 5'7" you're very unlikely to be DC and over 5'7" you can only be D, SD or FN.

  13. When I first came to this sub years ago, I didn't understand why OG members disliked Kibbe YouTubers so much. Now I do, because I feel the same towards Kibbe TikTokers.

  14. Although I think that I have a pretty good idea about how fashion and styling look on other people, I have no personal style. My clothes are boring and often do the bare minimum of covering my body instead of looking pretty or flattering too. I also don't style my hair and don't wear makeup because I never learned how to do those things. I live in a somewhat fancy neighborhood and I feel constantly that my looks "don't belong" in this place. My summer clothes look better because I've picked up some nice dresses, tops and sandals over time, but my winter wardrobe is depressing.

  15. I was thinking about this last week, but ultimately decided that they couldn't be accurately typed in Kibbe (or other systems that analyze the body) beyond "a tall type because she's over the height limit" because they're cartoons and how their bodies look depends on who's drawing/animating them.

  16. Merriam has her as some type of... Summer? (Cool and Muted), so the caramel brown hair wouldn't work because it's warm. I also see her as Cool and Muted; jet black hair doesn't look bad but it's not her best either.

  17. For fashion styling, Kibbe-like advice, totally. As for color analysis, her videos made me finally understand what Warm and Muted means, and if her Warm Olive ideas are true, that would explain why gold can look jarring on me despite being Warm.

  18. I'll have to try Nude Bouquet next time (and maybe Lightly Bloom too since the Internet says Nude Bouquet is discontinued?). Lately I bought a few perfumes from Zara and my favorite is Rose Gourmand; perhaps it's too sweet, but I like it more each day. For people who want Red Temptation, the Baccarat Rouge 540 dupe, I also like it but only for the night.

  19. Regardless if this is satire or not, my limited personal experience is that people who say "kiddos" tend to be more unhinged than average.

  20. This is awful! I'm sorry for your cousin. That is definitely not a friend.

  21. be careful when posting your dms. a salty, bitter person might just report your message to reddit. i couldnt get my account back.

  22. Please, can you share the username of the person who mentioned Kibbe? If you can't over here, can you contact the mods at both subreddits? On top of being banned for standing against your built, it really rubs me the wrong way that someone is using the Kibbe styling system to shame people.

  23. Yeah this is how I remember that Kibbe is not a body typing system, but a styling system about how clothes interact with the body. If we're looking at shoulders then Emma Sams should be in the Natural family instead of verified Romantic.

  24. Her rock chick street style kinda reminds me of Alexa Chung.

  25. I know it's not her fault, but these pictures really highlight how important was to be skinny to wear Y2K fashion and look good.

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