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  1. I still cannot believe that I lost my SKS and A5 last week, crazy winds while boating will do that I guess

  2. RCAF G335E’s Canadas entire fleet.

  3. "I know not what weapons WW3 will be fought with, but WW11 will be fought with M91/30 Mosin rifles"

  4. “I am scared of no man, but that thing, it terrifies me” (insert 91/30)

  5. The door is closed so instead of CCR Fortunate Son, you have to play CCR Bad Moon Rising

  6. Why is everyone hating on the current team? I was in on day one, it was Ultra Instinct that dumped the charts…

  7. Turkeys, we also have a pine grove like that, In southern Ontario. I’ve watched em do it

  8. Follow them till they park somewhere put on a surgical mask and pour a bottle of soda in their gas tank.

  9. He’s not, license plate is a play on “Fummins” meaning ford truck, Cummins engine.

  10. I like to pretend it’s accurate sometimes

  11. Mild cam, aluminum intake, mild ported heads

  12. Hey man, congrats on the success!!

  13. Flat Earth, because it shows that lot of people are willfull idiots.

  14. Get into some of the Facebook “chemtrail” pages then too lmao, some of the most misled uneducated people pool there. Entertaining though

  15. Liberty’s Gears sells parts and can source parts!

  16. Almost like a suppressor would have done the same thing, yet Joe Cecot was tea bagged too much in original mw2 and has a vendetta against more than 2 brain cell players

  17. Thank you friendly (probably but not certain) human!

  18. I kind of agree, Caldera feels like a waste of empty space and nervous traversal trying to avoid shrubbery that shoots at you, and Verdansk had areas that made your asshole say hello to your vocal chords. Rebirth often feels cramped when trying to land and regain somewhere with the team.


  20. What are we building in the Oakville plant up in ontario now a days?

  21. The Ford Edge and Lincoln Nautilus til Ford discontinues both models in 2023. Not sure what they have planned afterwards.

  22. Ford GT40’s and Ford’s motors would be cool lol

  23. I’m watching you wazowski, always watching

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