1. A side dish: thick sliced carrots and shitake mushrooms in miso and butter.

  2. My first thought was it would make a lovely holiday tree ornament.

  3. Frank dies, they all fight over his money, Mac wins because he was legally adopted in the Family Fight episode.

  4. Only one I can't see is Penny and Sam. They only rarely hang out and don't seem to have much in common

  5. I like Penny and Sam because Penny seems like she would fit right in with Sam's family. I feel like Jodi would end up being like a second mother to her, we already know Vincent loves her, and she might help Sam grow up. They seem like a young version of Jodi and Kent tbh. Like Kent was probably a lot less serious and more like Sam before the war. They each have a parent dealing with some mental issues (alcoholism and ptsd) They both seem like bright positive people despite dealing with some surprisingly serious issues.

  6. The wrestling episode might be my favorite episode of all time and I genuinely want a full season. But that finale was shockingly bad.

  7. I don't care who wins so long as Louisianna never has to go up the Staircase of Souls. Nana doesn't need to go through that.

  8. What if they installed a stair lift for her?

  9. Only if Katya is a permanent fixture as The Crazy Old Lady that yells at peoples’ shoes

  10. Yes! There can be a 'shoe cam' segment she's in charge of.

  11. I like to call these 'butter puddles' and I still eat them.

  12. I just want her to be added to the cast permanently as a narrator or something

  13. I could see her being a commentator like Alton Brown is to Iron Chef America

  14. I felt like the cutlets hanging off/swinging around was intentional, and the judges didn't get that.

  15. I assumed they were supposed to be implants that didn't rot the same way flesh would have.

  16. Yes, and the link they provided for tacking is dead! Talked to the bot and got a good link but it is still in limbo.

  17. The three middle products you received are bomb af if that helps!

  18. That glamglow is pretty great, if that helps!

  19. I want to see this version of The Munsters

  20. With a plot that isn't just, 'Herman needs a job'

  21. I'd die to see them dress up as Morticia and Gomez.

  22. I tried to make a chile relleno lasagna casserole thing. Layers charred poblano, Oaxacan cheese, homemade tomato chile sauce and corn tortillas. It was good, but I needed to made way more sauce. Great flavor, tho. Gotta make it again!

  23. I make something similar! It's basically deconstructed enchiladas because I don't want to roll them.

  24. This is a masterpiece. It's giving me 'Victorian crazy quilt' vibes.

  25. I’m going to see this! I live two blocks from the venue so it’s hard to say no.

  26. What tickets did you get? I'm debating between runway and front cabaret.

  27. I have a front cabaret seat. It’s close but not too close. I saw the Harry Potter parody they recently did and it was just the right distance to see the entire stage.

  28. I've only been one other time and I remember thinking the runway seemed almost too close? Also, people didn't tip that time like I'm used to. Is Oasis not a tipping place or was that an off night?

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