1. I believe you lose 1 ultimate strike if you do this.

  2. Wonder the same thing because kunai kills does count towards range kills in survival.

  3. Injured resolve and cool down on kills.

  4. Mine comes from the speakers on the controller

  5. Has to be done on gold or higher difficulty.

  6. Thanks bro, I’m starting to think the caliburn g might be better then plus it’s a bit cheaper

  7. The acro takes longer to fill up since its slimmer and the coils last me a week. Where as the caliburn g last 2 weeks plus. Also like the flavor from the caliburn better.

  8. Sounds great, I’ve read that some people have issues with the drip tip not clicking on after taking it off multiple times have u experienced that?

  9. No I haven't. Have used the same one that it came with when I bought it and still good 2+ months later. If not they aren't too expensive to replace with a new one.

  10. Not sure maybe its because I moved the game to my ps5 storage. Deleted it and reinstall and now its updating. Thanks anyways.

  11. Mine won't install either. It says to delete the app and reinstall. But I'm afraid that will delete all my progress and I'll have to start all over. Did that happen to you or did it keep all your saved data?

  12. Just upload your saves to the cloud and it should be fine. My saved data was still there.

  13. Defense charm with injured resolve gain and ultimate damage. Then combat generation for heal.

  14. Do I still run explosive blade with that or do i Spirit Blade? And thanks guys

  15. Try pasting the address in instead of searching for doge

  16. I just tried to as well. :/ sry that was my only idea Good luck tho!

  17. Have you found the solution because I have the same problem.

  18. Same here too. Says its not shipped yet and still in Las Vegas.

  19. Been a week for me while it says its not shipped yet.

  20. My recent target orders were doing the same thing, getting delayed a day every day for like 6 days in a row, before finally shipping yesterday

  21. Some small tins have them too and I believe the lightning box from walgreens

  22. Gamestop had preorders about 2 weeks ago.

  23. Went last week at 730 and there was a full line already. One of the workers said first person came at 11pm the night before. There was 20+ people in line in front of me but there was plenty to go around.

  24. Same here, all the legendary from the demo

  25. Same here in the US. Mines else delayed until at least April 5th.

  26. Target and walmart is probably the best spot. Go when they open and hope the have some in stock.

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