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  1. Agree with it all. Hoping the rest of boxes you have left aren't too terrible! 🤞

  2. Also don't get me started on that Facebook group lol. The couple times a month I look at it I'm just in awe.

  3. Oh it was toxic AF and gave major cult vibes 🤣

  4. Even still. Though people are getting pissed if you look at the comments.

  5. Probably won't get mine until next week (East Coast) but I can't wait to see all the variations! I kinda weirdly like that little space of anticipation between knowing what I could get and finding out what I will get hehe.

  6. I'm the opposite lol. I love seeing what everyone else is getting but I always assume I'm gonna get a dud. This year I have no expectations going in so whatever happens happens.

  7. Oh I'm not particularly optimistic lol. In a way that's what makes the week of not knowing so nice: For a week I delude myself into thinking "wow, maybe I'll get this good stuff," living in blissful ignorance until I open that package and see an Anastasia palette and a plastic makeup bag lol.

  8. Haha I feel that! Last year I got the Natasha Denona Bronze palette and a nice eyeshadow brush and they were the highlight of my bag. A good portion of my bag I gave away to coworkers since I got 1 product I was allergic to and some products that I know I would never use.

  9. I've never heard of this but it looks pretty awesome! Have you done it before? Is it mostly skin care or is there some make up or a good mix? Thank you for sharing!

  10. It's mostly skincare but they do keep a good balance of makeup, skincare and haircare!

  11. I love these. I have gotten every single one. Any product I don't use I save as a gift for my mother so she is set for every holiday!

  12. After her 2nd Christmas where my daughter got so many toys she never touched I have a rule with gifts that she can get 1 toy/toy like item per holiday. Everything else must be educational (like books, coloring items, etc) or clothes. Luckily, everyone has stuck to this rule thus far.

  13. I went through the same thing with my ex. Normally I'm insatiable then about 4 years ago, it all just vanished. I was forcing myself to have sex and being consistently gaslit by my ex and my previous OB/GYN that it was my fault completely. That having a child kills sex drive, I was sick, and I lack self confidence. They both kept saying just keep putting up with it and it'll come back sooner or later or never.

  14. Dang another thing I truly don't need but want anyway. It looks so nice and seems to perform amazingly. Very nice.

  15. Yay finally maybe some on the west side of Columbus other than Bloom! POW London is about 30 minutes, which I don't mind.

  16. Been a thing for me since Chamber came out. Massive ping spikes every now and then. Doesn’t happen in any other game. But in Val I have the graph on to see ping and watch my ping spike from 16 to 304

  17. It happened to me a tiny bit when chamber came out but never to the point where I'm openly apologizing to my team for "missing" an obvious shot which never registered.

  18. Yeah. The servers for the game just seem terrible to me recently. I’ll swing a corner and get teleported right back behind the corner. Somedays it’s extremely awful, other days it’s every now and then but it’s all annoying

  19. I find it's the same no matter what time I play now. Today I played an unrated and felt so guilty because half the time my util as KJ didn't register so when I thought I was shooting, it was putting down my util and I died constantly.

  20. I always add an extra 1/4 cup water and a tiny bit of oil. Usually works every time.

  21. I'm in ohio and familiar with DeWine, so when he makes a positive statement I'm skeptical.

  22. I'm also in Ohio and an mmj patient. I have all my stuff in a lock box in a room my child can't go in. My child isn't old enough yet to understand but I talk about it openly and will take all the time she wants to educate her when the time comes. I read the first link and it doesn't state anywhere that I saw where the hospitalizations originated from. They could've been from shit dealers cutting stuff with synthetics or kids stealing. So in my eyes, that study is mildly inconclusive, though interesting.

  23. Don't get me wrong, I'm not defending Dewine. I still doubt he based those claims on anything, as far as I know he never bothered to base anything on actual information until Amy Acton somehow managed to capture his attention.

  24. Oh yea! Studies are always useful. I really appreciate you posting them. I 100% do not endorse any children taking their parents gummies or any thc product until they are educated and of age. I apologize if I came off as you defending his statements. I was more dissing DeWine's statements over you as a person.

  25. I got Space Cakes on sale a couple weeks ago and it's pretty decent. Good hit, strong head and body, smooth flavor. Would I buy it again at full price? No.

  26. "All the monsters under my bed are friendly, except Billy Bob, he's weerid."

  27. The imaginations of small children will never cease to amaze me. She has 25 monster friends. Each one has its own name and personality. Her favorite one is Trixie and she's shy. Lol

  28. I want this so badly. My Samsung G2 isn't cutting it anymore. Thanks for all the info you've been posting!

  29. Mascara. I have 2 large Cosmetics bags overflowing. Even if I only use the mascara for a month it will still take at least 4 years to get through all of them.

  30. I highly suggest Bloom but be prepared to wait. Every time I go I have to wait at least 10 minutes before going inside to wait another 10 minutes before purchasing but that is probably the best place with the best deals. POW London has curbside pickup which is wonderful and usually has good deals.

  31. Final Space. Got canceled right after the story was at a climax.

  32. I had the same reaction when I got my box today. I literally said out loud "what did drunk me buy now?!" But I was pleasantly surprised.

  33. Yes! Not as well as Babe Lash but it does show results!

  34. Ugh I feel you I’ve had two delivery drivers do this to me before, one did it after I consistently rejected his advances in person while having a migraine and hungover, the other just kept calling me for a few days and I just blocked the number.

  35. Ugh gross. I’m sorry you had to deal with that. Reminds me of this Xfinity installer (3rd party contracted) who came to my old apartment (2 story townhome style) & was a complete creep asshole. Asked me how much I paid for rent, how much I paid for this dope speaker I have, kept trying to engage me in personal discussions/questions. Then without any invitation, he literally sat down on my couch & propped his feet up then called his buddy to laugh, joke, & fucking tell him about “this cool chick” he met at work (me).

  36. Love this strain and this 14g was full buds not smalls. Very nice taste and effects. Great price in my opinion, 19.3%thc,

  37. This is probably my favorite strain. Love the photo!

  38. Hello fellow gamer mom! Gaming is my only escape being a single mother and I have been gaming since I was 4 (kinda, it's a long story). My daughter is 3 and I had her start watching and learning how video games work when she was 2. She loves to play Animal Crossing and I feel it is really good for her development. Video games teach hand-mind coordination, how to use electronics, goal orientation, and reading skills. Because of video games, her math skills are a year ahead of her age and she has been asking me to teach her how to read so she can read what her villagers are saying.

  39. I'm a fan of the Vessel battery though you can definitely get cheaper ones.

  40. Bananarama by POW is my absolute go to when I'm struggling with anxiety. It makes me super Bubbly and social even on my worst days.

  41. I had the opposite reaction. Too sativa leaning for me. Just FYI to everyone, your experience may vary.

  42. It could be because I like to microdose? Yes, experience will vary for everyone!

  43. I'm alone today and Christmas morning. I don't see my daughter probably until dinner time tomorrow. This will be my first Christmas eve and morning alone ever. I woke up depressed and I've already cried twice today.

  44. The season had me disliking most of the queens in general and sympathizing with Enorma, despite productions wishes. Farida was the only real choice to win though. When comparing franchises, I rank DRIT last and that’s below DRDU.

  45. Farida did well but only towards the end of the show. Otherwise, Farida was pretty forgettable, thanks to the editting. Elektra did well throughout, even for not having any wins.

  46. I personally think this season was set up for Enorma vs. Electra at the end to win until the incident. I honestly loved Enorma's apathy towards the whole show; it was the most entertaining thing I've seen this year. Since the incident, it suddenly switched for an Elektra, with not a lot of competition, win. I could feel the win for Elektra when they did Dita von Teese runway.

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