1. In defence of this season, Arsenal are already on more points than those seasons with two games left, and could well end up with enough points to win the league in most other seasons before Pep/Klopp came along.

  2. Arsenal fared better for most of this season for sure, but it's a different type of collapse and in some respects a worse won because of their actual likelihood of winning the league when it happened.

  3. Ah you're right they were odds-on on 21 December. But at 10/11, that's basically just the bookies' margin.

  4. Arch is redshirting and why is his progress important he’s not better than Maalik lol

  5. It's an "overreactions" article. He's literally the perfect player to overreact to.

  6. I read somewhere that regardless of the outcome this year, two first could/would happen. Either UGA threepeats or Saban goes the long eat he’s ever been without a championship

  7. Newcastle from the mid 90s might be up there, they had a massive bottlejob and lost the title in an even worse way than Arsenal are doing right now.

  8. No it actually looks like they didn't give away a two-goal lead all season.

  9. Duh, it's the playoffs. I swear 99% of this sub forgot LeBron coasts through the regular season the cranks it up to 11 in the postseason. This is your reminder.

  10. A very big part of the comment was about him taking on a smaller offensive role today, which is the opposite of cranking it up to 11.

  11. Basketball has always been a game of runs. Not something new

  12. But the runs are bigger now because the game's higher-scoring and more dependent on threes

  13. Kansas got a #1 AP vote from someone at the end of the 2007 season. They went 12-1 that season.

  14. And with the playoff it's been much less common to split the #1 vote, so very few teams have got any since then.

  15. Pretty sure statistically the most penalties are scored in the middle of the goal so not really, the point is not having a readable action, being able to put the ball anywhere and making good contact. If you try to hit the corner too often you will obviously hit a few off target.

  16. That's a stupid stat. 90%+ of penalties scored in the middle are hit after the keeper moves. If the keeper's staying in the middle, you can usually see the penalty taker hastily change to try to put it in a corner (this why extra-slow run-ups always seem to lead to misses)

  17. I’m sure he’d do a capable job recording Chicago, but I’d bet he’d be an even better recruiter…

  18. You obviously haven’t heard his cover of 25 or 6 to 4

  19. But does this ultra billionaire team have an academy? Or PSG Academy is just the dude who upload goals fast.

  20. There’s not an academy in the world that you can just rely on to give you a world class player in a position of your choosing.

  21. There was once a South Carolina fan on here who said Lou Holtz was the worst coach to ever win a national championship.

  22. Yeah I’m sure if you go by the WR’s share of receptions/yards/TDs, there would be so many top QBs that relied more on one guy. And that’s before you even count the rushing.

  23. I don’t think it is possible to lean to hard on past accomplishments. College sports are about traditions and history, so of course you are going to lean on the past.

  24. Also for some programs it's a big part of their present/future. Without our history we're just some Catholic school in Indiana - who would go there?

  25. In defense of the movie, he seemed (to me, anyway) to be portrayed as an unskilled, obnoxious try-hard.

  26. Yeah you could argue about obnoxious but the plot of the film is literally that he’s an unskilled try-hard.

  27. How is SGA’s D? Can he defend PGs effectively? I wonder if OKC could pull a Dame or Luka. They do have the warchest that is alluring though and they have too many youngins that they have to give up one or two kids without hitting their depth. SGA/Luka should be able to attract quality 3&Ds.

  28. This is still a super young team and even after any big trade there'll be some good picks left - I think going in for Dame is getting the timing wrong

  29. He's average one on one (kinda dies on screens tho), but that's not really his role on defense. Dort and Jalen Williams usually guard the two best ball handlers and leave SGA as a weakside/help defender (which he's very very good at). This year he was 4th in the NBA for steals and 1st in blocks amongst guards.

  30. I feel like his one-on-one defense would take a leap if he wasn't the main guy offensively anymore. He's shown flashes there

  31. I really don’t care mate, I was just calling out OP for lying about the numbers.

  32. The fact he’d be recognised as better than Drogba isn’t a question imo. He’s not in the top 3.

  33. What is it with this sub and the obsession to call star players underrated?

  34. Any player can be underrated or overrated. I think the comment makes clear that he is highly rated, just still underrated.

  35. You dont really believe he's really a "legend", do you?

  36. OP obviously biased listing all of their stats except for grace and elegance

  37. That's because this usage is intentionally absurd. It's an intensified version of an already tongue-in-cheek remark, it wouldn't work as well to say something like, "I'm figuratively dying" instead of "I'm literally dying" despite it meaning the same thing, it needs to be exaggerated for effect.

  38. If it wouldn’t work to use another word, then the two words don’t mean the same thing.

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