Min oplevelse med abort

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  1. Is the needle dark after having had it in the flame?

  2. Regarding taste, I can’t say I agree. Everything I’ve made with tallow or cocoa butter seriously tastes so much better than anything made with seed oils, whether packaged food or at a restaurant. I’ve not tried tortilla chips yet, but hash browns, fries, pancakes, fried rice, bread/toast, cookies, cake, brownies, popcorn, ice cream… literally everything I’ve made, it always tastes amazing with tallow and/or cocoa butter.

  3. You use Cocoa butter for ice cream?

  4. Yeah, I basically melt the cocoa butter or tallow, and emulsify it with water using gelatin and/or egg yolks and an immersion blender. You can add sugar, honey, vanilla, cocoa powder, peanut flour, or whatever else to it. I also add salt. I played around with the ratios of everything to get a consistency I like. If I keep it in the fridge it’s basically pudding or mousse consistency and in the freezer it’s ice cream consistency. I used the original “bulletproof diet” ice cream recipe as my starting point and adjusted from there. I generally don’t like to eat much dairy which is why I like to make my own ice cream.

  5. Sounds good. But tallow in ice cream sounds super weird. How is the taste different from cocoa butter or cream?

  6. Thanks I think they I have let their reputation down in society. They fear this thing the most about there own pride n reputation in front of relatives.

  7. Shame comes from not being your true self. Someone who stands 100% in who they are are not ashamed.

  8. I’ve bought from them, no problem. They have decent customer service as well.

  9. It's so hard to binge on meat. I can down about 4 1/3 burger patties but anything beyond that is a struggle and I'm done eating for the day. Junk food however I would never get the feeling of being full.

  10. Is it not somewhat comparable to dxm or ket or other dissos? Never done any of them.

  11. Mange overser hvordan det patriarkalske samfund forventer ting af mænd, som man ikke ville ønske for nogen uanset køn (omskæring, sendes i krig, ignorere sine følelser og tage sig sammen som leder til selvmordstanker, bagatellisering af problemer og forventninger m.m.).

  12. Jep, 99% af systemiske problemer for mænd er skabt som konsekvens af at vi altid har været og stadig er et mandsdomineret samfund med en maskulin kultur.

  13. Det er en vigtig historie du kommer med her, og det er et super relevant perspektiv.

  14. Vi voksne har ikke ret til at bruge en kvindes organer eller kønsorganer mod hendes vilje. Hvorfor skal et foster?

  15. Ingen skal simpelthen bestemme, om man skal have et barn eller ej, og om man må få en abort eller ej. Og jeg er enig, i dem der siger det er hyklerisk at folks interesse ift. modstand mod abort, jo kun omhandler graviditeten - når barnet så er kommet til verden, er der ingen som gider hjælpe dem. Det er simpelthen så ulogisk i min verden.

  16. Det er jo en form for at presse dig til at forblive gravid. Havde ikke været anderledes hvis de sagde at de syntes det var en god ide at du fik en abort efter du havde vist du var glad for graviditeten.

  17. Du kan ligeledes helt lovligt både plukke, sælge, indtage og opbevare grøn fluesvamp, som er dødeligt giftig, men spids nøgenhat er ulovlig fordi den er farlig?

  18. Godt argument. Det er ikke farligheden det handler om

  19. The links lead to your own comment

  20. Yes? I linked to the comment because OP was looking for a comment in the last month or so and if it's not this particular comment OP was looking for they can check the other comments in that thread.

  21. Oh now I see. I hadn’t noticed the linked comment was 79 days old, I thought you linked to your own (new) comment somehow as a mistake.

  22. Download rejseplanen, there is a tap called "afgangstavler", it shows when the next bus is coming to the stop or place you searched for or from your GPS location

  23. Godt at vide. Har ikke set afgangstavler-tappen før

  24. My experience of intentions is that as long as you're sincere, you don't have to make them super specific. For my first Ayahuasca retreat, my intention was "to be more in touch with my emotions".

  25. That was a very very important note on childhood trauma

  26. I’ve definitely enjoyed my time in Denmark (six years and counting) but honestly as a black immigrant I’ve never dealt with so much individual racism as I’ve dealt with here. I think there’s this sense among a lot of people that racism doesn’t exist and identify politics are an unnecessary American cultural imposition. There is complete ignorance on Denmark’s slave trading past, and how that connects to the dehumanization of BIPOCs (especially black Muslims) in both public and private discourse.

  27. This is really good to know. Important for danish self awareness.

  28. Exactly! I think it’s important to frame racism and sexism in any society as not an individual fault or condemnation, but as a disease to diagnose and treat. You don’t hate a person with cancer, you hate the disease.

  29. What a beautiful memory with him

  30. Specifically abortions don’t need a referal and are still “free”.

  31. Havent done it, looked into it when I was younger. Its usually only the max pay if you have super sperm, and very few men have that kind of quality these days. So be prepared to get paid depending on your quality. Dont know if it is like that for all places though.

  32. Good on you for thinking about the ethics.

  33. Very uncommon? Of course there are variations when you look at different types of restaurants but unless you are at a fine dining place I have never been denied taking home leftovers.

  34. I’ve never been denied either.

  35. Magnesium er muskelafslappende. Tag citrat eller bisglycinat, ikke oxid.

  36. Yes, it's past time we normalize openness around salaries. The taboo merely makes it easier for employers to underpay workers who are in the dark about their own value, or who feel powerless to ask for more. It's also a huge contributing factor to the gender pay gap.

  37. Good point on the gender pay gap.

  38. Yes same. what. i have heard of this practice before but its still shocking to read

  39. If you can get it down, why not?

  40. Okay, jeg giver mit ord på at lave min første

  41. Jep eller kulturtilbud. I uge 37 var der gratis adgang for unge til en masse museer og andre kultursteder. Det hed K7. Fortryder jeg ikke delte det. Det havde rent faktisk været virkelig relevant for denne sub.

  42. I think many people confuse keto with low carb, which they further confuse with high protein.

  43. But why is protein bad?

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