1. Trust me, we haven't. It's Fulton, Cobb, Gwinnett, and DeKalb. All big blue cities unfortunately. The rest of us are red.

  2. Yup—she also has tape over people’s pics on the walls and I think on food products in her kitchen. It’s definitely her home. Also, her parents home wasn’t gorgeous & shiny clean. I think Babs & Glen are the type of people who bought their house, paid to have it decorated in the style of the 1990s and haven’t updated it. If my house was going to be on tv—everything would be freshened up.

  3. I think Glenn and Babs' house is beautiful and classic! I live in a very old historic home so I may be a little biased haha

  4. Maybe because it does Feel So Good to be alive

  5. True but what really sets my teeth on edge is her with braces & glasses. She seriously looks like a 13 year old in their awkward stage. I get that she has the braces for medical reasons but wearing those retro 80’s or 90’s glasses is just so gross. I’m not enjoying the trend of 80’s or 90’d eyeglasses so obviously I’m biased.

  6. The glasses definitely make it worse, they really do not suit her face. I always thought she looked so pretty in season 2 when she had that Hawaiian birthday party.

  7. Maybe a light sage green? It would tie in with the greenery in the wallpaper, but also stand out and add some contrast.

  8. Nope-you know they sent money and paid for braces. She ghost them.

  9. I actually like the idea of Whitney dating Lennie again. I always felt like she made a huge mistake breaking up with him as their relationship seemed to be real unlike Chase and blurred FM.

  10. I hope these poor gators don't get killed because of this! NO ONE should be feeding wild alligators! If you want to feed gators, go to Gatorland! It's wonderful!!

  11. She looks great here! I really think she is a beautiful woman when she tries a bit. She is definitely a mess though 😂.

  12. Thats it!! We are moving back to Queens!

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