1. I agree all with what you said, and I appreciate you taking the time to edit my photo. The only thing is I had my eyebrows tinted at a salon where they were more horizontal and I hated it. Maybe I can get away with a more subtle arch?

  2. Subtle arch would be fine too! I think making them a bit darker and filling them in will bring more attention to your eyes

  3. You have a great body but I feel the outfits don't look flattering for your body type

  4. I remember your post from a year ago and you were always cute and pretty but now you're super hot!!

  5. Second is more flattering for your body imo, style with white heels/heeled sandals, silver jewelry and soft curls 😊

  6. you are the only one that chooses the life you live, remember that my friend and live the life you want

  7. i'm british and don't particularly like american accents lol

  8. Also relate so much to the last paragraph 😭 been seeing so many beautiful douyin girls but I literally look nothing like them

  9. If you're an adult then there's no reason to force her to approve tbh

  10. obsessed with her style and personality seems so sweet and confident

  11. I love everything about her, so classy and beautiful inside and out!

  12. Some pictures she's a 4 and some up to a 5 (mainly the last ones) imo

  13. both 18 and on the first day of med school, we lived in the same building, started dating when we were 19

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