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  1. oh that's hot! But both you being bi means you could fool around with couples too right? Perhaps one day. That'd be a dream scenario for wife and I too but it's hard to find people you vibe with just right. Best of luck to you two!

  2. Heyy, thanks for the support<3.. I'd love to fool around with other couples but I'd have to ask him about it.. he probably won't say a no!

  3. good luck! that's the dream, another trusted couple to hang out with and share in pleasure, no worry for drama or bs. Either way you guys have something special here!

  4. you are so sweet... I just read him your comments and he feels grateful and thanks you.. we'll definitely contact you guys

  5. Same girl I want to get bred so bad 😫 especially by a much older guy

  6. Girl me tooo, it's soooooo hot, I feel myself drooling at the thought of it smh.

  7. Hehe. The setup is brilliant. Loved it. I once swiped right on my former lecturer. Ended well.

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