1. I hope we all come together and agree to NOT let this cumsock have the notoriety he wants. No photos, no pics, nothing positive. Let us only dunk on this loser

  2. Oh wow, I've been wanting a pink aisha and I love her name sooo much!!! Can I please adopt Nyceae on my main account? She'll be a permie!!

  3. Thabk you so much ❤️ I dressed her up temporarily, she's going to be spoiled with valentines items soon haha

  4. Soak in ammonia and the warmest water recommended. Ammonia is a degreaser, all purpose cleaner, and it is safe for laundry. The downside is the odor is powerful. You will be able to soak them outdoors this time of year.

  5. Thank you for this! Do you do this with all laundry with oil stains? Would be good to know for the future ^

  6. I'd move gym equipment clean up to 7 days, eliminate the 14 day list entirely, and move crystals, hair accessories, tote, shoes etc to "as needed"

  7. UFT Cyring the Baby korbat Can come with a custom for the right offer, particularly interested in VWN (Desert) acara but I'll look at anything!

  8. If anyone is willing to sell at under inflated prices, BUYING: -faerie pb -Grey pb -desert pb -acara mp

  9. KQ, Habi, Spinnacles, barf boat (in that order)

  10. I am disappointed for a different reason. I love their podcast, but I did not grow up in the US and have never seen the Muppets. So these last couple of episodes I have no idea what they are talking about. Am I the only one? Did everyone in the English-speaking world used to watch the muppets?

  11. Oh no I'm so sorry :( I guess it probably is largely an an American thing, but I think it's also kinda generational. I've seen a few Muppet movies, but I was also googling some of the characters they talked about. I'm 29. The Muppets were most popular in like the late 70s and 80s, which was just a bit before my time. My mother, who is maybe 5 years older than Brandon, would know every Muppet by name.

  12. I still think that War Breaker would be the best Muppet adaptation. Ms. Piggy as blush weaver is pure gold.

  13. That's incredible omfg. Siri as the human for narrative purposes I guess. Casting vivenna, vasher, susebron etc is all fun and games but WHAT about nightblood!? I think the only solution is to create a sword Muppet voiced by Adam Sandler

  14. When I was younger, I used to buy whole series at a time. Now I'm way too picky about what I read, and have probably read the first book of something like 15-20 series in the last 5 years that I have no intention of continuing.

  15. I think that's kind of the case with me as well. On one hand I moved to a country where books are more expensive, but on the other hand I just don't have the same kind of free time at 29 that I did at 19.

  16. For series like the Riftwar, I typically buy the first trilogy or whatever the first ‘installment’ might be, single book, trilogy, duopoly, etc, if possible. For series like Wheel of Time, maybe a couple at a time.

  17. That's what I meant to say about Riftwar, I only bought the first 3. I feel dumb for buying them new, I thrifted the first 2 or 3 WoT books...should've with rift war too. Ah well.

  18. I came to say Sistersong! I found it to be clumsily heavy handed with attempting to be inclusive, but every time I was going to put it down I was drawn back in by something. I read it about a year and a half ago now, and I'm still haunted in a good way by several scenes. It's such a good story, but it's shot in the foot by its Netflix diversity vibes 😅

  19. Not my shops I just ssw-ed it for you --

  20. Buying: Grey PB Marble PB Illusen Umbrella Cut Dress Looking at pink MPs.

  21. I love them, but I don't picture Vin being so...thicc

  22. Very compelling and well thought out OP! I think atium does this via some sort of interaction with another person's spirit Web. I can't cement my exact thoughts here (tbh I think I have kind of an abstract grasp on spirirt webs) but I strongly feel all God metals directly tie to them

  23. The vowel pairings in names in Elantris looks cool but I can't pronounce them either 😅 I'll say every series of books in the cosmere has its own setting, usually with a unique culture (or cultures) and naming traditions change accordingly!

  24. Interesting! Are they tied up somehow though? Or are they set in a "universe" by themselves?

  25. They sure are! Like someone else said, different planets same universe (the universe itself is called the cosmere).

  26. Accidental? No, this is a bad blood 1989 TV Easter Egg if I've ever seen one

  27. My main takeaway is that I need another secret history much sooner than Brandon plans on writing one 😩😩

  28. I desperately get the feeling the Wayne's mother was connected to Whimsy in some manner. The amount of references to Whimsy felt like an alarm bell, and how Wayne's mother put forth the story felt somewhat like future sight to me.

  29. I went into this book expecting Wayne to die, but while reading became convinced he was going to somehow become Whimsy. I also thought some of the art talk was related to Shallan -- not the exchange you quoted, but there was some other line about coming to appreciate art or something. Point is I too am delusional

  30. I use MM and one of the conditions were that I give up driving while taking it. It is illegal to drive with MM in your system as well as stupid.

  31. Did you have to give up your license entirely, or like just promise not to drive or something? Sorry to be nosy, I'm just interested in how it works! I know someone with a MM prescription but they don't have a license anyway.

  32. If your shoulders are wider than your hips, you're in the natural family 🙃 like no bro you're just a human

  33. I have a strong but abstract understanding of this I guess, I've been trying to articulate my thoughts for a few minutes here and I can't. So I'll leave you with this: Imagine a woman with shoulder length hair standing on a pile of peter pan collars, physically punching her way through the glass ceiling.

  34. Now I'm interested in seeing how people treat me 1. With hair/makeup done, outfit not necessarily accommodating me vs 2. accomodations on point, no hair/makeup effort

  35. this whole time i thought vertical meant looking tall 😫 whoops. what exactly does it mean?

  36. You find vertical in your silhouette, Kibbe is all about silhouette! Just shoulders to knees at that. If you see a lot of elongation, lots of long unbroken (uncurved) lines in your silhouette, then you have kibbe vertical 😊 this can translate to looking taller than you are, but thats a by-product of vertical not a definition of it.

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