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  1. The way newjeans fans cannot accept criticism against the group is insane (and most of the criticism isn’t even directed towards the group members, it’s towards their company/management!)

  2. It's a thing with kpop fans. They pushback legitimate criticism and then the people criticizing get discouraged and when a new person discovers said issue they wonder why is no one talking about it and the cycle continues.

  3. The way people only act like this towards Newjeans tells me this isn’t a simple “we’re against minors debuting” discourse.

  4. It started before that when that post talking about MHJ spread, also if you check on reddit, people have spoken out about Lesserafim and IVE. On the BG front you also have Enhypen, NCT Dream and Koki from the JYP x PSY survival show. Shawols have also talked about being grossed out by how SM was pushing SHINee as a noona group. It's really not just NJ.

  5. If I got a dollar every time a kpop song titled Fire had Indian/Middle Eastern instrumentals, I'd have two dollars which isn't a lot but is interesting that it happened twice.

  6. I think Kang Daniel went through something similar to what you described. I'm not clear on the details of it though.

  7. Time passes so fast! Didn't believe he was gone for a year and half.

  8. This feels very peek a boo x psycho and I'm here for it.

  9. Another case of netizens not minding their business. There has been ongoing rumors about them dating ever since she signed with the company and Junsu has turned down every single one of those rumors and he has already made a statement like 3 times publicly that they are not dating. But people still keep trying to bring it up as if he was hiding something. Did people forget he has dated publicly before? I'm sure he would admit it if it was true. It's not like he is a rookie idol. He is at an age where he can literally get married and start a a family.

  10. Also not to mention, a CEO dating an employee is never good so he had to keep on clearing it up everytime. Sad situation all around.

  11. Please post all your rants/vents under this sticky comment!

  12. I'm actually a little bummed now because I don't think we will get to see any of their older behind-the-scenes content or band practices that they may have recorded as Jae is in them. They surely won't upload them now for legal reasons ig. They should've done a content dump before Jae's contract ended lol. I won't lie I'm quite desperate to see the Zombie live band practice.

  13. I and a few others have drawn these parallels too! Ironically luckily though after all that has happened I don't think Jae will follow in Jessica's missteps (the inspired by reality fiction novel) so on that front I think they're fine. Iirc the dudes still follow Jae on Instagram so they haven't phased him out entirely yet. Only time will tell now.

  14. I'm pretty upset by the recent developments NGL but I'm okay with this moving forward.

  15. I wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school... I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy... 😢

  16. I think EXO Chen's voice stands out in the best way possible.

  17. f(x) Victoria had graduated with a degree in Chinese Traditional Dancing, I believe NCT Winwin has something similar too. She was extremely flexible and that aspect of hers was focused on in many variety shows. As for kpop dancing she doesn't stand out that much but I like how she dances gracefully.

  18. This album was really fitting for Xiumin! I can't wait to hear more from him in the future.

  19. funny enough there’s a theory that started from kstays that Maxident is also a worldplay on love/wisdom tooth. Love=Sarang, Wisdom Tooth=Sarangni

  20. Wasn't that the inspiration for f(x) Rum Pum Pum Pum (Cheot Sarangni)? That's where I remember this saying from I think.

  21. It's really good! Loved Brand New, How We Do and Serenity the most!

  22. These are so good. Gives me "Psycho" vibes in the best way possible. She looks so good.

  23. This is so good! Out of all the MVs she released, this ones my favourite! This is so theatrical I love it!

  24. This is so good! Perfect for Xiumin! I'm especially excited to see the dance performances! His vocals are fantastic! I feel like he improved.

  25. This news surprised me a bit because I thought their contracts froze in the military? I thought we would hear next year onwards.

  26. It's really sad to see "mydays" being sad that the rest decided to still continue day6. I feel like this is the only fandom I've seen that is sad and disappointed that their bias group decided to remain together as a band. Most fandoms celebrate and appreciate the fact that the group can still continue activities.

  27. Tbh I get you but people are sad because Studio J has kinda not been so great to them in the past. I'd be much happier if these 4 went to another company like Antenna or something.

  28. Generally renewals can be from 1-3 years so I guess around that much

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