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  1. I completely misread this and was like CHANGMIN on My Teenage Boy??? anyways damn this is really the year of boy group survival shows, but let's see if it actually pays off.

  2. Imagine if he gets added on a technicality that he debuted as a teenager so it's acceptable for My Teenage Boy 💀.

  3. Uj/ I just don't understand why an idol would leave hints that they're dating someone. Like maybe these two are dating - that's their business. But if they are, why would mr Vernon leave clues in his instagram caption? Why would any idol leave little clues that they're dating? Is it supposed to show that they're committed or something?

  4. I know it seems super weird but from what I know, couples posting each other subtly or lovestagramming is a thing people do in SK and some other asian countries as well iirc. It sounds ridiculous but that's how people figured out Baekhyun and Taeyeon were dating back in the day by observing their Instagram posts and captions.

  5. Fantastic debut album! It's definitely more industrial sounding than their individual groups.

  6. Honestly after typing out my reply to OP, I think post-2013 Ariana Grande really lit the match of the massive tone shift of pop globally.

  7. In 2013 f(x) Pink Tape had a song 'No More' that was actually an og Ariana song 'Boyfriend Material' that SM purchased the rights to.

  8. Haha don’t get me started on Red Velvet’s Ariana influences! A few months back I actually compiled a list of K-Pop songs that sounded like Ari songs and here’s what I have so far (in addition to Talk to Me):

  9. This is a great list thanks! I don't really hear it in Queendom and Naughty imo.

  10. Which is fair and she deserved to get called out for it because I remember she tried to deflect as well! But I believe this person is talking about people targeting Amber for unrelated things. They often talk about her by being homophobic and making slut shamey comments about her and bring up her name at the most random situations (like for eg when the bullying scandals were happening, and last year when many idols left their groups, many tweets went viral with "I blame Amber Liu" and people using those tweets to insult her.

  11. I understand that but I genuinely don't think that's the case for the large majority of people who keep on hating on her because kpop stans do not care about racism as they also stan problematic idols in the same breath.

  12. /if you think about it, US and Russia were fighting each other about the space race with the pettiness of kpop stans

  13. Everyone remembers Neil oppa and Buzz oppa but my poor meow meow Michael Collins oppa is an underrated gem!

  14. They're so gorgeous. Interestingly this is the same haircut unit now.

  15. Most fans are teens from middle class family and i don't think many families would be willing to spend 20k+ on a concert experience. The kpoo concert market is not bug enough there yet. Maybe in some years when the demographic shifts to working adults.

  16. As someone living here I can guarantee that the bigger kpop groups like BTS, Blackpink, EXO, Twice, will sell big numbers in the bigger cities, think Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai etc.

  17. Interesting line up! I'll be checking this out for sure. It would've been cooler if they got some female idols from the first and second gen as well.

  18. He does! I thought they were related in some way.

  19. uj/ ok but unironically I didn't realize how creepy a lot of the older fans were until I got older myself. Don't get me wrong I'm sure there are a lot of wholesome fans and I really hate assuming intent/the worst in people, but I can't help but feel a bit weird when there are like 55 year olds lined up for some fanmeet with literal teens.

  20. I don't like the ageism in kpop and how being an older fan gets you called a hag. But at the same time if older fans collect photocards of minors I'm going to side-eye.

  21. They're discussing on how to move forward with Dahyun in Twice and Newjeans! It'll be announced any time now.

  22. /uj I agree with their overall point but not their reasoning 💀

  23. It is a bit funny because Min Hee Jin tried to slap her critics but in reality she ended up confirming last doubts about her attitude. She very well understand what she makes and how people reaction towards it would be. It makes me even more sure that she knew very well how international fans interpret Cookie. Probably the only thing she didn't predict was that affair would penetrate as well Korean media.

  24. I didn't think of it much before but she really incorporates the school concept a lot in her videos/photoshoots (Exo Growl, f(x) Pink Tape, NCT Dream My First and Last, Newjeans Ditto etc)...which in hindsight is concerning when you factor in her interests.

  25. /uj discussing newjeans is gonna be so annoying now after that last scene because any negative opinion will just have you compared to a psych ward patient 😭

  26. /uj Is this MHJ's way of playing 4D chess because any valid criticism of the group will be met by that clip from stans 💀. Like the way she gaslit children into thinking that Cookie has absolutely 0 sexual meaning.

  27. /uj she has been doing this for years and people have been ignoring it and praising her. Of course I don't have any expectations from k-pop stans to understand it now.

  28. /uj I've heard of her previous controversies by now but did she get defensive the same way before? I was extremely grossed out because I love a lot of her previous work.

  29. The concert was so good! It was so much better than last year. Only thing that could've made it better was SNSD and SHINee performing in groups.

  30. Uj/ I almost believe it cause I learned recently that Keeho had a Nicki Minaj stan Twitter before he was famous and I’m almost 100% willing to bet he got just as insufferable at times 😭

  31. I am simultaneously both curious and terrified 💀

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