1. Sasaki and Miyano, super fluffy BL

  2. Haikyuu. For me its the best sports anime that I have watched. But I am not sure if it have completed all the source materials. It already have multiple seasons though.

  3. It hasn’t completed all of the source material, but it’s still a great show. I think a movie will be released this or next year as well.

  4. I wouldn’t say the YN or the Chimera Ant arc are, but maybe the election arc is a bit. Greed Island is a game so maybe a bit there too.

  5. I read that book last year and cried like a baby! It’s soo good, but so sad.

  6. When did they repackage? That's a bummer. I love the colors in the big palette so I'm glad you mentioned they're different than the quad. That sealed it for me.

  7. I guess they reformulated and repackaged about a year ago? The previous palette was bigger and had more colors, but it was also like $60. The older palette is gorgeous and blends really well, but it does have quite a bit of kick up in the pan (which I don’t really care about, but some people might).

  8. I haven't noticed much kick up at all with the Manifest palette. I'm hoping this is the same, but definitely not a deal breaker.

  9. Reading all this actually makes me glad my last two months are paid and this is it for me -I honestly haven't gotten ANY of that the entire year

  10. A couple of these I’ve purchased myself in the shop, but I honestly think I get a lot of these because of the age range I’m in (late 30’s) and the fact that I’m pretty strict in my ratings. I also don’t care that much when I get more skincare and less makeup (I love makeup, but I’m picky). I get like 75% skincare are 25% makeup which is fine with me since skincare is expensive and I’d rather spend my money on makeup I really want.

  11. I love Sword of Kaigen. That book is so underrated. I cannot believe it’s an indie!

  12. Definitely. They make lights like this for plants and people with seasonal depression. No way they don’t have access to these type of lights.

  13. To be fair I literally have no clue also I’m not sure if he would have shot up higher because of the team although he was chosen I’m unsure if he is better than nagi already

  14. If it were about who is “better” then Shidou wouldn’t be 111. The previous rank was about who tested well against the time limit and Blue Lock man during the previous test. This ranking would probably be based on which team passed first, their previous ranking and what order they joined the team.

  15. True true. I feel like it should almost always be based on goals and techs and I can never decide if it is or not. If it is isagi should be like no.3-4 I feel like he’s made some bomb ass plays that get shut down by rin

  16. If skill and plays were the prerequisite for rank promotion I’m sure Shidou would probably end up the new number 1. We all like Isagi, but at this point he isn’t as strong as some of these other guys. He’s a really smart player who grows super quickly, but he still is lacking in some physical skills, mainly ball control, dribbling, etc. I don’t think he’s quite there yet. Giving him rank 5 for being the 5th added to the first team is more than generous for him.

  17. That sucks! I want that Saturn! My current sulfur spot treatment is probably expired and needs to be decluttered. It would have been nice to snag that.

  18. Beartown, Anxious People, The Song of Achilles and The Night Circus have been my favorites so far this year.

  19. I own Night Circus, but I haven’t read it yet. Maybe I’ll give it a go soon!

  20. I personally don’t think I’d care too much about losing someone who was able to manipulate me like that, expressing extreme feelings and then casting me aside like it’s nothing. You dodged a bullet.

  21. I wish i was the same way and could just lose feelings for her because she betrayed me in a way or at the very least used me and wasn't upfront with me while we dated. But for some reason i still feel heartbroken about her.

  22. I know that you can’t help but be upset and miss her, but take solace in the fact that she isn’t who she pretended to be and just know that you’re better off.

  23. I’m sorry, but anecdotally the Gemini’s I’ve run into are manipulative AF! They’re deceptive with it, though. You spend enough time and you start to see their game. Perhaps it’s some interaction with my chart or I’ve gotten unlucky and run into more undeveloped Gemini’s but I’ve been burned by this sign.

  24. I have a very close Gemini friend who is always pulling some social Game of Thrones type bullshit. He literally treats interactions with people like a game. It’s nuts, but kinda of admirable.

  25. I’m really glad to see her at the top. Unlike many influencers who are in for a cash grab, she puts actual thought and creativity into her brand, and it shows. She deserves it.

  26. Yeah, Trixie is SO PASSIONATE about makeup and it really shows. I’m happy the brand is doing so well.

  27. Just got back from a trip to Sedona with every mutable sign except for Sagittarius.

  28. Oh geeze. I haven’t seen the film, but I read the book so I know. Now I HAVE to see the film!

  29. Dude, that Glow Recipe, Herbivore, REN trio is lit. I had to grab it. I can’t believe it’s only $35. It’s like 3 great full-sized products for less than the price of 1.

  30. Glossier Ultra Lip is literally my number 1 favorite lip product.

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