1. I know this is the future, but I hate it. I hate knowing that Ill probably never have in-person coworkers again. I miss being able to talk to people and learn new things from coworkers. I miss impromptu whiteboard sessions. I miss making friends at the office.

  2. I don't miss the opportunity to eradicate every form of workplace harassment in existence.

  3. Workplace harassment takes place in more than just the workplace.

  4. And just exactly where would that be? Are they going to fly out to another state to try to harass me?

  5. I would rather be anonymous online, I can concur with the article premise. Yet, the article fails to provide any conclusive proof of its premise.

  6. Comment acknowledging I've read the sidebar.

  7. Everyone collectively agrees that about the US Penny, too, but we keep makin' em. Something like $85 million each year, down the toilet. It's illegal to do, but they're worth more as scrap metal than they are as currency.

  8. Not for long. They won't be produced this time next year.

  9. Don't know why my suggestion of at least including a comment is apparently so unworkable but whatever. Can't wait to see [The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time][Defeat Ganon, No Stale Reference Manipulation%] before I even get to read what the post is about.

  10. Game title abbreviations, not categories?

  11. They chose a misleading name which implies that the feature keeps one “incognito” and then chose to do the opposite of “incognito” by tracking people who use that mode. We should hold big businesses, especially big tech, to a high standard for integrity.

  12. You'd prefer a 200-word name outlining exactly what it does?

  13. To save electricity...that's why Texas is going after Facebook and co. Makes perfect sense now.

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